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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lost in Transition

As I may have mentioned in my previous blog, we all had to reapply in IT for our positions again.

It was high stress and high anxiety situation during the MOR (Managed Open Resourcing) which a the online system used for us to apply for the jobs.

I agree for the need of the change and transition but have not seen a clear indication and reason for why it is done this way in IT where everyone has to reapply for their jobs or other jobs.

There is going to be a lot of changes.

The news of the top has already been made official, so, we already know 4 levels of the organisation.

The 5th level news is trickling in but nothing official.

I fall in the 6th or 7th level and some people in this level have also already been informed of their positions although nothing official has come out beyond the 4th level.

This raises a little bit of anxiety and stress again on people including myself and definitely quite a number of people I am engaging with.

While the official announcement are only expected next week, there have been many leaks and many people who have come outright to state what their jobs would be.

Currently, I have no news of my job as many others as well.

This has lead to a lot of coffee talk, corridor talk, rumours mixed with facts, speculation and educated judgement.

What is clear is that there is a big change at the top in the IT organisation here. Pretty much, not one manager currently will be doing his or her existing job.

100% change in IT management locally. Soem people have been notified about their new positon although it may not be cast in stone. But the fact remains that it is a 100% change in the management.

Now what is yet to be seen is how much changes in the levels below. The chances and rumours are that since a major change in management, like a minor change in the working area, so likely 80 to 90% remains the same.

This has created more anxiety mainly because the MOR gave people some hope or possibility of change.

But the possibility of change could easily be quashed for reasons of business continuity. Too many changes on top and too many changes at the worker levels would mean a huge learning curve and lower productivity.

So, to top managements have been granted their wishes, I still am holding out hope that I am granted my wish.

For me, I am hoping, praying and wishing to go back home to Kuala Lumpur and hope that God and the management would grant me that wish.

So here I am musing, a day before flying off to some tropical island to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday and feeling anxious of my future.

But whatever will be will be .... want to give, give lah.

Take care and be well.

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