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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And why shouldn't a cow bite a man?

For 3 days a row, the headlines have screamed about a cow in Terrengganu that bit a man.

I have never heard ever in history where a cow bit a human, even Google results seemed futile for any history of this ever happening before.

As per the stories, we have history in the making.

But is it any surprise? Why shouldn't a cow bite a man?

After all, we humans have been biting on cows for ages ... burgers, steaks etc etc.

I am all for this cow that bit the man ... time for some revenge.

But than again this is Malaysia, so, it looks like there is going to be another cow head demonstration.

Poor cow.

The story first appeared on Monday's Star as below.

Monday November 16, 2009
Village astir after cow bites man

KUALA TERENGGANU: It was a “holy cow, how could this have happened?” kind of incident.

Folks in Kampung Chalok Rahmat, Setiu, had initially found it difficult to believe when news spread about how a cow had viciously attacked a villager and almost bit off his left hand.

A shocked Jaafar Basok, 56, had also assumed he was attacked by a carnivorous predator when he felt sharp teeth sinking into his flesh in the come-from-behind ambush.

“I started screaming ‘Harimau! Harimau! (Tiger! Tiger!)’ to attract the attention of other villagers as I really believed I was being mauled by a ferocious animal,” Jaafar said when met at the Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah ward yesterday.

The father of four is recuperating from his injuries and shock from the 10am attack on Saturday.

Shocking experience: Jaafar showing his injured hand while relating the frightening moment at the hospital where he is recuperating in Setiu yesterday.

Jaafar said he was clearing an oil-palm plantation that day when he saw a herd of about six cattle grazing at the site. He said he was attacked just 10 minutes after he started clearing some bushes using a machete.

Relating the horrifying moment, the odd-job worker said he only realised the “ferocious animal” was a cow when he turned to fend off the attack using the machete.

Villagers who heard his frantic cries rushed to his aid and the cow, upon seeing the group of people, ran into a secondary jungle.

“I am confused as to why a herbivorous and domesticated animal behaved in such manner,” he said.

Jaafar was rushed to a nearby government clinic but transferred to the hospital intensive care unit when his condition worsened.

He was transferred out from the unit yesterday morning.

Villagers in Kampung Chalok started combing the area to locate the cow, but the animal had yet to return to its shed.

Jaafar said the herd belonged to one of the villagers and the owner was dumb-founded when told that one of his cows had attacked a man.

Then when I thought that would be the end of the story, on Tuesday's Star low and behold, the story below appeared.

Tuesday November 17, 2009
Vet officers puzzled by biting cow

KUALA TERENGGANU: The incident of a cow biting an odd-job labourer has baffled the Terengganu Veterinary Depart¬ment officers who described it as a rare phenomenon.

So bewildered are they that they are eager to examine the cause of such behaviour in a domesticated animal.

Department director Dr Azizol Mohd Sharun said such ferocious behaviour does not happen even if the cow was inflicted with the mad cow or anaplamosis diseases.

“We are talking about a herbivorous species here; its totally unlikely for an infuriating cow or bull to go to the extent of biting. Usually it would only gore its target.

“From our (veterinarian) point of view, this could probably be the first case in the world.

“We are interested to explore what caused the animal to behave in such manner,” he said here yesterday.

Dr Azizol said he will send a team of veterinarians to Kampung Chalok Rahmat in Setiu by today to sedate the cow and conduct a laboratory test to examine what provoked the animal to bite a person.

“We want to see whether there is new type of animal disease that has developed. This is something we are keen in researching,” he added.

On Saturday, odd-job labourer Jaafar Basok, 56, was attacked by a cow when he was clearing an oil-palm plantation in Kampung Chalok Rahmat in Setiu.

Wow, so they want to reasearch this cow now. But today, it appears again.

Wednesday November 18, 2009
It is the ‘udder’ cow and it is pregnant, says victim

KUALA TERENGGANU: The hunt for the cow that attacked Jaafar Basok is still on with some villagers claiming that they have found the animal responsible.

However, the 56-year-old odd-job labourer is insistent that it is not the same animal.

“I do not remember seeing any horns on the cow. The one which the villagers found at the open space has horns,” he said yesterday when told of the discovery.

“I am not sure if it is the same animal, but I know that the one which attacked me was fierce.”

Villagers at Kampung Chalok Rahmat claim that a cow found at the open space near a secondary jungle nearby could be the culprit.

Jaafar, who is still recovering from the attack at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital, also expressed his disappointment that the cow’s owner had not visited him or apologised.

He added that he had been receiving a steady stream of visitors ever since his story was reported.

“Some came from as far as Johor and Malacca to visit me,” he said.

Jaafar said some doubted whether a domesticated animal could inflict such bites but he was adamant that it was a brownish-coloured cow.

“I even saw the belly of the animal. It was pregnant,” he said.
A veterinarian, who declined to be named, said cows could be aggressive if they were pregnant or had calves to protect.

State Health, Unity and Consumerism Committee deputy chairman Datuk Din Adam said he would discuss with the state communication and information department to document the “cow attack” episode.

“This is a rare occurrence and could be considered part of our history,” he added.

Take care and be well.


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