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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fat with burgers

I read an article earlier in the year of how Malaysians are getting to be obese. At first, I thought it must have been due to the nasi lemak breakfasts, roti canai's etc. Considering that some of my friends were getting rather round especially YAB, Kupps etc.

But then again, the article also mentioned that kids in Malaysia were getting obese, and I could see this. Some of the blue short kids nowadays could probably fit in all my blue shorts for 6 years (fyi, blue short kids = primary school kids).

And blue short kids do not like nasi lemak and roti canai's. The are the fast food generation.

McD's; KFC etc.

And MCD's does dumping just like Japanese do with their cars. For example, a Toyota in US costs cheaper than in Japan, mainly because they are trying to capture a market and be very competitive there even if they loose money there initially.

As of February this year, the cheapest McD burgers are in Malaysia.

The most expensive burgers were in Norway (US$5.79), Switzerland (US$5.60), Denmark (US$5.07), Sweden (US$4.58) and Eurozone (US$4.38).

According to the index, Malaysia (US$1.70) actually ranks No 1 among the five most affordable Big Macs, ahead of Hong Kong (US$1.71), China (US$1.83), Thailand (US$1.86) and Sri Lanka (US$1.95).

I am sure a similar index would show Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand in the lowest price for most of the other fast foods.

Is this fair? Well, of course it is ... McD wants to make money, and we allow them too.

Same reasons why cigarettes are prices at RM7 or so here but RM20-RM30 in many other countries. We even have low prices ciggies here.

But why does alcohol costs so much?

Well in Malaysia, the largest population are also the largest consumers of ciggies which is acceptable whereas these same poor buggers cannot drink as they would be caned if they did.

So, where does a non-smoking, alcohol drinking vegetarian like me go and have a nice juicy veggie burger?

Not many places to be honest.

Hard Rock Cafe serves the best veggie burger in the last 20 plus years but that is at least 10 times more expensive than a McD burger. And of course I would have to have a beer with my burger which will throw me back another dozen bucks or so.

Maybe it is time for me to become a non-veg, non-alcohol, no-pork and ciggie smoking majority.

Take care and be well.

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