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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Communicate exCommunicate

The biggest failure in managing people or even projects is usually communications, usually lack of communications or misunderstood communications or one thing or another that has got to do with communications.

A friend recently send me this as the 9 Ways to sharpen your communication skills and I found it quite interesting.

1.Stop Talking and Start Listening
Many a times, people like the sound of their own voice especially project managers. Allow other people to talk, be aware of other people's personality and communication styles. Some people just require some time before they talk.

2.Always Think Before You Speak
This is going to be quite difficult for an extrovert, especially one like me, but when it comes to projects or budgets or presentation, I like to be prepared, I like to think things out before I speak.

3.Ask Questions Regularly
Asking questions is good but some people just ask stupid questions. I know they always say that there are no stupid questions but I disagree. Prepare yourself and ask relevant questions. If there is some pre-read before a meeting, read it before asking questions rather than just shooting.

4.Anticipate Distractions
Life is full of distractions, it may not be easy to anticipate them but you can anticipate distractions in projects, or in project communications to some extent. It is basically managing attention. Regardless of what comes your way, take it calmly and gratefully, never personally.

5.Be Mindful of Your Volume and Tone
Some people are too loud and some people are too soft, it may come across as too arrogant or too meek. Be prepared and be confident, be clear and be precise.

6.Handle Disagreements in Professional and Diplomatic Ways
Going back to No.4 above, regardless of what comes your way, take it calmly and gratefully, never personally.Seek equilibrium in your life, teach yourself to respond instinctively whenever you are out of balance.

7.Be Open to New Ideas and New Line of Thinking
People always keep repeating, "Think outside the box." Well, if you can;t, maybe others can, so be open to what people have to say, new ideas, different way of doing things, different perspective.

8.Only Take Notes whenever Necessary
Some people take no notes, and then forget what were the actions and what was discussed. Some people take too much notes and get too busy taking notes that they pay too much attention to the notes and words and not paying attention to the communication, the verbal and non-verbal.

9.Always Watch Out for Your Body Language
Body language or non-verbal communication is many a times as important or more important that the words that come out of one's mouth. Paying attention to people will give you a feeling of the non-verbal signs they are sending out. Understanding both verbal and non-verbal communication is vital to success of completely and comprehensively understanding communication.

Take care and be well.

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