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Friday, November 6, 2009

Jobs gone past - Job 1: Resident Assistant

In 1989, I went to United States for my studies.

For the first semester, I stayed in a resident hall called Neale Hall, and soon became known as Nil from Neale Hall. I was so popular that I was offered a job in the hall next door as as a resident assistant.

So, I became a RA in Steiner Hall in University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point, a job that I held for 2 years.

You see, prior to going to US, my parents preferred that I do not work and rather concentrate on my studies which I was no that great at when I was 15-17 anyways.

The only work I would have done was free work helping a friends dad in his carpet stall during Pesta Pulau Pinang.

However, in US, everyone works, it is quite common. And being an RA was rather easy work.

For my efforts, I got free room and board and only required sponsorship for tuition fees.

The most memorable moments of my job as RA came in the 2nd year when I was put in charge of a more mature wing of the hall.

We had our own Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street during the famous New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Every Saturday at 9pm, the whole wing would get out to the hallway and sing Billy Joel's Piano Man at the top of our voices and we would be heard for 6 halls around. Of course we left our doors and windows open to ensure we were heard.

At the end of the year, when we were done with our exams and just before Christmas, we would go out in our underwear, freezing our butts off in below zero temperatures and sing Christmas carols for about half an hour.

The most difficult part of the job was to ensure that the residents did not get too unruly, especially when the came back drunk from some fraternity party. Also, many of them would throw up all over the place - another American thing and create a mess, which as an RA, I had to ensure that they clean up.

Apart from that, we also had to ensure the well being of the residents, be counselors to the new students. We also had various activities organized for the residents.

The RA's were always very close amongst each other, we had our own little room in the basement and we would do almost everything together.

I learned a lot from my job as an RA, unfortunately, this is amongst the jobs that no longer appears in my resume. I guess mainly because it was a part time job, and I was a full time student.

Nevertheless, I consider this as my 1st job, in the many jobs gone by.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

I have heard this story one too many times and glad you had a good time...and now it is in print.