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Friday, July 8, 2011


Dr Zhivago, the movie with Omar Sharif is amongst my dad's favorite movies and while I knew about it, I have to shamefully admit that I have never completely seen the whole movie.

But today, after arriving in Brisbane in the last leg of our trip and walking down by the river in Southbank, barely a stones throw away from our hotel, we decided to see if we could get tickets for the musical play that was premiering today at the Queensland Performing Arts Center.

We were lucky to get 2 tickets quite way up high but with a clear view of the stage and what a memory and highlight of Brisbane we will take back.

The play was marvelous and makes me want to dig out my DVD collection to see if I have the movie somewhere or even go buy it from AmCorp mall and watch the movie version of it.

The play was really something and reminds me of what is happening in Malaysia right now with all the politics and rallies and restrictions.

The red army or white army, the yellow shirts or red shirts or green shirts ... at the end of the day, we are all Malaysians, we are all Asians, we are all Earthlings ... born and created equal in the eyes of God.

And yet, here we are.

As my journey in Queensland comes to an end, I wonder what Malaysia will I arrive at on Sunday.

Peace be with you all.

Remember, we are all the same. Race is something that there is a start and a finish and a winner ... like the 100 meter dash in the Olympics or the Wimbledon tennis final that just completed or the Spanish Formula 1 race.

Indian, Chinese, Malay, Kayan, Iban, Caucasian, Kadazan is not a race, it is just our ethnicity. We are not in a race to prove one is better than the other.

I am human and earthling. I am not a race and I am not here to be number 1.

Take care and be well.

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One Woman's Thoughts said...

Our hearts beat the same red blood. Our lungs breathe in the same air. Are we not One Human Family?

I recently saw Dr Z. the movie again. It still resonates the same feelings as the first time I saw it. It is long but well worth your time.