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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Energizer Bunny

I've kept going and going and going and going non-stop without rest like the Energizer bunny. And you know what happens when you go non-stop like an Energizer bunny?

Yes, eventually the battery does die off and you will be forced to stop.

Sometimes, God or your guardian will throw something at you to make you stop and think and rest.

If the Energizer Bunny stopped every now and then and rested, the battery would technically last longer even if you just count the moving time. It is proven that a battery on a device lasts longer if it is shut-down every now and then compared to when it is left on all the time.

So, how different would our batteries of our life and soul be? We need time to shutdown and time to relax and think of nothing. It is not easy but we cannot be on continuous motion and movement.

The last couple of days and weeks have not been easy but I know that I will find a way to get out of this rut that I am in. It is just a matter of recognising the root causes of this and to ensure that the heart, mind and soul understands that the situation will not improve by worrying, anxiety or despair.

It will improve by gratitude, faith, hope and love. So, I need to be thankful for the things I do have rather than worry about the things I do not. I have to have faith, not surrender to God but trust God and my guardians. I have to continue living a life of hope. And infinite love will always get me to where I want to be.

Mother Theresa said that it does not matter if you change the world or made a difference in the world, it only matters that you made a difference to one person.

One person is all that matters. My legacy and my life to the world does not matter, it only matters I am alive and I make a difference.

I know I have made a difference. I know many of you out there read my blogs and are inspired and when I am down, you are with me, in your heart and in your mind. For that, I love you and I thank you.

This Energizer Bunny is shutting down now, I will continue to write a blog every couple of days but I am stopping from activity today.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes human dont know when to stop and rest,...

thats why, virus and germs are man best friends...

they keep him healthy....

Unfortunately, human dont appreciate the beneficial work of virus and germs.