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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Merry Go Round and Round around Flame Hill

Today, I had booked a table at the Flame Hill vineyard. And duly set out 2 hours earlier to reach flame hill for our reservation at 1pm.

It was supposed to be a trip of 30-45 minutes that end up taking nearly 2 hours.

The GPS asked to go a certain way and was persistent we use that way although the road ahead was closed and there was a detour.

So, I followed the detour and hoped that like all other GPS, it will recalculate an alternate route. It found an alternate route which led me through gravel road and other road which I hoped would be the right road, only to end up at the same closed road.

Then, I called to try to understand how to get there but still could not find a way.

On a verge of giving up, I went back down to the small town of Munchy that I had seen earlier, parked my car, went in to a small empty restaurant and told them I was lost.

So, in the end, with old fashioned way of using directions from people, strangers in Munchy, I finally found the right road and we finally reached Flame Hill vineyard 3 minutes to 1pm.

After reaching there, I have absolutely no regrets of having gone round and round and yet not giving up.

The reward was spectacular, the wine, the food, the service was the best so far in our trip and the view was to die for.

The weather was wonderful.

On my journey today, there are a few simple lessons that all of us sometimes keep learning.

We may be going round and round in circles when we are so close to our goal but we never reach our end goal because we never stop to ask.

And, not to give up so easily because once we do reach the end goal, there are always rewards.

Same goes with search for spirituality or God or your guardians or just a general sense of peace.

It may take time and it may seem that you may be going in circles so close to the end target, but do not give up because the rewards are plentiful.

Take care and be well.

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