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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two days it all it takes


Two days is all it takes. The last domicile of mine in Australia as taken from the "beaches" of Soutbank by the Brisbane River on a fresh clear cool crisp morning where I hear the birds chirping and the air is so fresh.

Then, I bid goodbye to Australia and come back home. Home sweet home. Back to Al E boy, back to my nice home with the nice backyard garden.

I was hoping to come back to a nice clean Malaysia. After all, I heard the "Bersih" rally was a success.

But alas, I come back to the haze and pollution.

In Australia, they start charging the heaviest polluters for CO2 emissions. It is not a popular tax but overall people there care for their environment. Recycling is mandatory. I did not see any dog shit on the roads or pavements despite having seen many many dogs. I could open the window and breathe fresh crisp air. I can open a tap and drink water out of the tap in any location, including a public toilet.

I come back to a hazy polluted Kuala Lumpur where the air is barely breathable, the birds in the garden have probably moved south to Brisbane and the water is as brown as a nice cup of tea ... only that it is not a nice cup of tea.

And the politicians here are as clean as the air that we breathe in with their hazy statements and policies and as dirty as the water that comes out of our taps ... filled with shit.

I have been voting DAP in past elections in my previous constituency of Bukit Mertajam. And while DAP or Penang may be a better run state and DAP may even be the best opposition party but that is like saying the deep blue sea is better than the devil.

When I was a journo some 20 years ago, I was working in the news desk of the major newspapers in Malaysia and have met most of these heroes we have in politics today. Thus, if you say BN is corrupt and dirty. Yes, I agree fully. But Anwar is my other option.

I am now registered to vote but cannot vote because of a change in address. Whereas we have the oldest people in the world, some 130 years old, who are still registered voters.

I have made my decision that my vote will not be given blindly to the opposition or the BN. It will likely not be given at all considering the choices I have in my constituency.

Anyways, I am back home but home is where my heart is. My heart is where my immediate family is, my loving wife, my adorable and loving furry little boy Al E and despite sometimes the crappiness, even my caring old man.

I would one day like to go back to Brisbane, for a visit, maybe for work, maybe to retire ... not sure which at the moment but I will be guided to do so when the time is right and ripe.

Until then, I have to put on a mask to slightly filter the air and double filter the tap water to drink clean water and screw the politics of this country and just get down and do the things I need to do.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

My sentiments exactly..A well written entry...this country is very polluted in every sense..SIGH!