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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Come fly away with me

I am here. Mostly the south coastal side, but I am here on a well needed break.

And the wi-fi or Internet connections are not as easy to find as I had hoped. This my blogging may be quite infrequent.

But my thoughts are always with you ... yes, you know who you all are.

I am grateful, I am happy and I am relaxed. Come fly away with me and we will bask in the sunshine of the sunshine coast, create golden memories in gold coast and well, bane our goodbyes in Brisbane.

Come fly away with us, me and wifey. Another 7 more days.

Then we will be back, in hot sunny Malaysia where I can no longer wear my company t-shirts because I heard that the colour yellow has been banned.

Until then, come fly away with me, to the sun and the surf, to the seas, feeding dolphins and watching whales.

Take care and be well.

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rsharen said...

Have a wonderful, restful and joyous time. What was Fast n Curious's reaction?