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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Falling fans and Desperate times

As I lay me down to sleep
The fan spins above me with speed
The mosquitoes buzzing around
on a warm summer day
The street below becomes still
I lie awake thinking and thinking
And then I hear something ....

Some of my new and young readers and followers have sent me some miracles of theirs.

As I have always said, miracles happen everyday, no matter how big or how small. It is some divine intervention, some event that changes you and your perception.

Sneha sent me her story as below. If you want to catch up on her blog, just click on her name. It is a new blog and I am sure she would appreciate more readers, comments and advise. Anyway, here goes. I have edited to correct some spelling and grammar. This is her own writing.

It happened three years back, I was trying to sleep but could not. I just kept staring at ceiling lying on my bed. Some issues related to my studies kept me wide awake.

My bed is just bellow ceiling fan and somehow unknowingly I kept staring at fan and its movement.

Then all of sudden, my fan made some cranky noise and in no time it started falling down in my direction. I let out a frantic cry and I knew this was end of my world as I knew it.

But all of sudden something happened and fan stopped right above my face….. barely 10 inches from my face.
I have no idea what happened and how the fan dropped and stopped just 10 inches above me.
Within no time my parents came rushing in my room. They switched on the light and this was when I saw a small wire was holding the fan up and this kept the fan from falling obviously right on me.
The wire was stretched to its max and it is surprising how a small wire can hold such a heavy fan.
It is miracle to me and I do believe it was God’s hand which stopped this accident.
I don’t even want to think what would be my condition, if that wire wasn’t there. Probably my body would have got millions of cuts from the fast moving fan.
My parents and I do believe it is indeed a miracle. If not miracle I would not be here to submit this story and praise God.
I am glad Sneha came out unscratched from the incident to share with me such a lovely story.
Another story is of another friend. This person was happily married, had a wonderful husband and three wonderful kids.
Her happiness was destroyed when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and they tried everything and spent all their money for his treatments  but not long after, cancer won the fight and she lost her husband.
She had three young kids and while she was educated, she had not been working for a long time.
As all their savings were spent on the cancer treatment and there were monthly bills to pay for the house, car, utilities and she had to feed her three children.
She applied for various jobs, any job, hundreds of jobs. She went for dozens of interviews, asked many friends to help. And yet, she could not find a job. No friends nor family members were helping out.
Despite being quite pious and praying, she had reached her brink.
Bills were piling up and creditors and banks were after her. She was in the brink of losing the house.
She dropped to her knees and prayed to God, she told God that she has tried and now really needed His immediate help. She wanted Him to show the way, to guide her.
Next day, while scouring the newspaper ads for jobs, she came across this job and she immediately applied and even called. She had the qualifications and they called her in for an interview.
After the interview, the interviewer said that they wanted to hire her. The job was as a warden in a boarding school.
As such, the interviewer said the job would mean she would have to stay in a residence within the school provided for free. She was told that her food and bills in the residence would be paid for. She was also told that she could have her children with her and as an employee of the school, the children will not be required to pay school fees.
In desperation and in desperate times, the miracle appears.
I believe that miracles are there all along, God has his angels and guardians looking after us, but sometimes, when we are happy and we are not having too many problems, we tend to ignore God and our angels and guardians that are there for us.
When my time is up, I will leave boldly. But God and my guardian have provided me enough miracles to keep moving on in this life, there is still work for me to be done, and I will gladly do what has been planned for me.
Tomorrow, I hope to write about another wonderful mom with three children and how she managed to bring up her children wonderfully after becoming a widow at a young age. This wonderful person in my mother in law, whom I affectionately call Amma. Until then ...
Take care and be well.


L.A.C.E. said...

wow. God is great. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I Like You Sense Of Poetry