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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My world upside down

Memories of days as we walked on green hillsides,
Scents of summer were high.
We lay down so pleased with ourselves in the long grass,
Eyes full of love, life's full of passion, passion for love,
Passion for life, passion for God.
And now I sit on the hill, bidding my time,
Don't ask me why I've no tears to cry.
'Cos some thing's turned my world upside down,
Yes some thing's turned my world upside down.
We'll live to see those green hills again,
Check out the air today, open your eyes,
I was scared and I wished I were home,
Lay down beside me, enfold me, guide me,
Hold me, I was scared, so scared of dying,
But God was there, He held us, and He guided us.
My time is not up, a Miracle, a life again,
to live passionately, to love completely,
to learn humbly, then to make a difference,
leave a legacy and only then, and then only,
to Leave boldly with God. 
~ Nil modified from Hazel O'Connor song lyrics

Today I was just going to write another miracle in life, I was going to write about my past but something has happened in my present. And I feel that I need to now write about the present miracle first.

Both my wife and I were involved in a horrible car accident. Miraculously we both survived without any major bones broken, no blood clot, concussion or any other physical injury.

I has just passed paying the toll and was going rather slow to take the exit. As I took the turn, I pressed the brakes gently to slow down further to a comfortable speed for the turn but before I hit the turn, my car just skidded, spun about two to three times and turned upside down and ended in the ditch.

We were very fortunate that the car window on my wife's passenger side could be opened (the auto-electronic window worked). My side window was totally destroyed and all doors could not be opened.

My wife managed to crawl out through the passenger window and help to pull me out.

We were extremely shocked.

Within minutes, I went back inside to to turn off the ignition as there was smoke starting to build up and there was a risk of blow up, in retrospect that was a risk I took to go back in. I also managed to grab my wife's handbag and car keys and got out again.

Thankfully our car did not hit any other vehicles. There were a few good Samaritans who stopped by and ensured we were safe.

By then we managed to call AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia) which we registered our car with for any breakdown services 24hours within Peninsular Malaysia.

While all this was happening, typical Malaysian drivers were dangerously slowing down and some enterprising businessmen were also stopping to offer towing services although I had already called AAM. One of these Malaysians drivers caused an accident to himself as he lost control of his car and hit the middle barrier. And another one of these business people stole my SmartTag and Touch N Go card from the wreck.

Within the next 10 minutes, the highway authorities and the police had come to do the road block and slow down on-coming cars who always gawk at such accidents.

We are very emotional and grateful to God for being alive and well.

God, our guardians and all the angels up there really loves us so much and ensured along the way, we are protected in any situation whatsoever. Well, that's how I would like believe.

We still can't imagine how we managed to come out alive without any broken bones.

Attached below is a Google Map of where the incident happened.
Another version of Google map.

As you can see from the picture below, the driver's side is quite blocked off and the door and window would not open.

The car is lying in the ditch, facing against the traffic flow. Glass broken, and things flown out everywhere.

The passenger side window still open, the very same window that we had to crawl out from. I am so grateful that neither of us are plus size people as we would not have been able to come out.

God, Thank You for Your grace, mercy and forgiveness. I have committed to You to love me and protect me and I promise to live this life passionately, to love completely, to learn from You humbly and when You are ready to take me up in heaven, I will leave boldly with You.

Miracle happens and I believe in them. I have always believed in miracles and magical occurrence since childhood. This has truly been a miraculous moment.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Truly grateful to the Lord for this miracle and blessings...Someone up there really loves us..

anju said...

god is always great........He is always with us...unseen......he is always great..hpe both of u r fine..........

Theresa Campbell said...

Lots more people love you too, thank God you got out of that one alive and with no injury!

love, Theresa & Mike

joanna said...

Thank God.. God is watching over you..He loves the both of you dearly & i believe He has chosen to bring you closer to Him, to see His goodness, love & share in His eternal blessings..

Anonymous said...

Nil and Ser,

Indeed! It is a miracle. You owe it to God's mercy, love and blessings to you. You must get yourself baptised and then start to serve HIM.

My son Jonathan got his car wrecked, came out unscathed without even a scratch but his illness was diagnosed as a result of the medical checkup. We take it as God is giving us the warning sign. We leave him in God's Hands and are hoping that God will perform a miracle (second miracle) on him, to cure him and use him as a living testimony.

Teresa Ting

William said...

Lucky that you took her handbag out. Otherwise, it will be gone also!
Thanks God that you are both ok.
I just wonder why the car reacted like that. I heard (happened to another of our colleague) of this thing before but found it so difficult to believe that the car can get out of control with just a gentle brake.

Anonymous said...

indeed a miracle. God bless ya