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Friday, February 25, 2011

We pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody

Amy Grant's song says it all. We pour out our miseries and God just hears a melody.

Many people go through many problems and miseries. Misery of divorce, drug addiction, alcoholism or a shocking disease. Some are miserably lonely. Some have lost a dog.

And through our miseries we remember God and we seek God's help and guidance. And all God hears is a melody.

Imagine how sweet God will hear our melodies when we thank Him for a great day, a wonderful promotion, a bonus, when a loved one says they love you. A birth of a child, a birthday, the joy of an anniversary.

Many of us forget to think about God during this time.

It's like my earlier story about Jesus having cured ten men of leprosy but only one went to actually thank him.

Many people forget to thank God for the daily miracles.

Nowadays, divorce is becoming so common, it is likely the easiest way lawyers make money. When one goes through a divorce, based on my knowledge from family members and friends who have gone through it, it is never easy.

There is always pain and hurt and people tend to seek help from family members, friends, church, God.

Even Amy Grant went through a divorce.

She said this about her divorce:
"I didn't get a divorce because I had a great marriage and then along came Vince Gill. Gary and I had a rocky road from day one. I think what was so hard—and this is one of our counselors said—sometimes an innocent party can come into a situation, and they're like a big spotlight. What they do is reveal, by comparison, the painful dynamics that are already in existence."

But why do we forget God, why do we forget family members, why do we forget friends during happy moments?

Someone close to me does not even bother to let me know of their joyous marriage, another friend does not even bother to call or say hello despite having been close for years, an old friend for 30 years just ends friendship over a small miscommunication, an old boss and friend criticises you when their own life has been less than ideal.

Yes, I am disappointed in these people. Yes, it hurts. But this is my manifestation of my karma. To that, I pray to God the divine, "I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you and I thank you." I also say Mornah's prayers. And as my Jain religion has taught me, I become detached. Through detachment and through infinite love and gratitude, my soul will find the redemption and peace required.

We tend to get lost in our on joy, we become selfish.

For me, every joy in my life is shared with someone, with God, with a loved one, with a family member. Let us rejoice in the joy of this thing called life.

When the world especially the middle east is in so much turmoil, yes, let's pray for peace. But let us also rejoice that we have food on our plates, that we have water and air to breathe, that we have a job, that we are loved.

And for once be grateful to God for all the good things too. Let Him hear our miseries but also let him hear our joy.

Take care and be well.


Joshua Anthony said...

I'm blessed by this. Thanks nil.

Anonymous said...

very cool song- did you see/hear that on my blog- I posted it a few days before your post- I hope so because that is definitely a song to spread all over- wish everyone would post it-have a good day

Nil said...

Josh, thank you, now come back and finish your studies before I whoop your ass.
Courage, I did not see it in your blog but you sent me the link and I was inspired to write based on it. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great writing! I love that song and I am so glad that it inspired you to write about it. You did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the song. Did you check out my fairytales and poems on my blog?