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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What do people live for?

This are not people I know, but it was shared on Facebook. And definitely something worth to watch.

It is a true story and while the narration is in Chinese, there are English subtitles. It is about 5 old blokes in Taiwan, all suffering from arthritis, one from cancer, three from heart disease ... average age 81. This is their story, their miracle, this is what they lived for.

So, what do people live for? Think about it.

What are you living for? Watch and think about it.

I am having a clearer and clearer picture of what I am living for. I want to live my life passionately. What is passionate for me may not be passionate for you. So, I will not judge you and please do not judge me.

I want to love completely, 100% love, to myself and to anyone in my life, even if they have hurt me, I send them my love.

I want to learn humbly. I have learned from younger and older, people who are in the top and people from the streets, sages and beggars, men and women, grandparents and grandchildren. Most of all, I learn a lot from God and His guardians, my guardian.

And I want to leave a mark on this world, make a difference, even if only to one person, even only to a single soul and then I will leave this world boldly. When I die, I want to be proud of my legacy. Not just some ashes strewn away in the sea and forgotten the next day ~ that is my body, but people will remember my spirit, my soul and the difference I made in this world.

Take care and be well.


MYAngligaw said...

ei.. was trying to look for new blogs to read.. i came across your blog and enjoyed reading it.. will be following you.. and i hope it is ok.. ill be posting this video on my blog as well so my friends can see it too.. :)

Sneha said...

nice Nil,you made me think....

One Woman's Thoughts said...

I am touched by the emotions this video brought to me.

You have a thoughtful blof and I look forward to coming back and reading more of your posts both old and new.