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Monday, February 7, 2011

We're all spinning around

You gotta reach out and take it
before it goes by too fast
they say life is what you make it
I think we made it at last
some people say we're crazy
but we're all spinning round
we're all spinning round
you and me we got something to say
just because you think you're lucky well
but you and me got something inside
and i think we're gonna make it
you got your four wheels spinning
you dig em down in the ground
just when you think you're winning
they're all putting you down
some people say we're crazy
but we're all spinning round
we're all spinning round

One thing that my wife's and my recent accident taught me, it is life changing, God's grace is wonderful and as I have been saying all along, miracles are created by God to change our direction a little, to make us think a little.

It has been frantic with wifey being hospitalised for two days. Her blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level and she had to go on insulin drip to increase her energy and blood pressure. It has all likely due to the stress and shock of the accident but after 2 days, we insisted that she recuperate her energy at home.

I have decided in my journey last month to start doing things that I am passionate about, to live a passionate life, to love completely, to learn humbly and to leave boldly.

I have asked and continue to ask personal miracles from you. Do send them to me at nilsmusings@gmail.com. Those who have shared their stories already, I thank you, I am grateful and if your story is not shared yet, I will share it soon.

There are many miracles in the world, small or big. Many are not shared and of course those big ones are always shared and become news

Remember the Miracle on Hudson as they called it. The pilot who glided the big plane down on the Hudson river and everyone survived.

I am not writing about these huge miracles because most people know about it. I want to write about my miracles, my family miracles, your miracles. So do send me your story.

My recent accident has brought around many miraculous accident survival stories from our close friends. Some of which I will share below.

A chef friend of mine, Chef J told me about an accident he was in when he was about 13. The brother was driving a car which skidded and turned upside down. Everyone pretty much was blacked out and stuck in the car. The next thing he knew when he got up was someone trying to cut the door to take the victims out. His ankles were both broken but despite that, the energy and adrenalin pumping in him made him feel no pain and he actually wanted to walk. Miraculously, his brother who was driving and most injured plus all the passengers in the car survived and are well today. He truly was compassionate and understood what we went through in our accident.

Another good friend of mine, J2 also had an accident many years ago when he was the director, salesman, collector, driver, coolie for his company. On the North East West highway, on the way to Kuantan, his car skidded and spun many times and was on the way to end up over a cliff. Two wheels were stuck in the drain holding the car up and the other tow wheels hanging over the cliff. Of course it was a shock and a dangerous position to get out. Those were the days that this highway was barely used and not many cars passed by. Lucky enough for him, there was an empty timber lorry passing by who say the precarious position of the car. Through quick action, tied chain to the car and pulled it out. My friend was shaken but still brave enough to drive 10km/h to the nearest small town with broken suspension.

Yet another friend Sky, also had a similar accident, spun and turned upside down. He was stuck in the car for hours before he managed to free himself. The night was cold and wet with heavy downpour and water had started entering the car. Sitting upside down, blacked out for a while, then conscious, cold and wet, he managed to get out and now is doing well.

Another friend had a head on collision with a trailer and survived. Was in hospital for two days more for observation but came out without any injuries.

Another one had hit a poll and the car was a write-off and barely recognisable but she came out without a scratch.

The day before I graduated in 1989, my friend and I went to pick up my brother from the airport about 30 minutes away and we hit a patch of black ice on the road, the car skidded and spun a few times and ended up in the ditch. The next day, I graduated.

Miracles happen. People survive. What do we do after that? Both my wife and I are shaken. Shaken to the core. Days where emotions and stress are so high that we are in tears, some tears of gratefulness, some tears of shock and some deep sadness.

My wife has not been well,but thankfully she is better and out of hospital. I have been having a headache, a massive headache every day since. I have been having sleepless night, either sleeping at 3 or 4 in the morning or getting up with cold sweat in the middle of the night although the air condition is on full blast.

Maybe it is time for me to check it out and will. But currently, I am just very grateful to this miracle of God and grateful that he has saved so many people.

Oh Lord, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love You and I thank You.

Take care and be well.


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