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I have done a lot of things in my life and have also worked in many different jobs to make a living and to experience life. This blog is just some of my musings, sometimes funny, sometimes inspirational, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes simple but all the time, it's just me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Internet is a wonderful tool, a miracle of my time

I was sitting here
Typing words
When suddenly a wasp appeared
Buzzing loudly
Obviously annoyed
And looking very weird
A massive wasp
It must have weighed
A couple of pounds!
Heading straight for me
To some eerie
Buzzing sounds
Then it disappears
Down the neckline of
My shirt
Starts stinging me
Did it hurt
In panic now
I tear my shirt from
Off my back
But it slides down
And continues
it's attack
I'm terrorised
As it moves into
My boxer shorts
Buzzing round
Dreadful thoughts
I rip my trousers off
And throw them
to the floor
And then my shorts
No clothes on
The wasp flies off
Here stands a naked
But thankful man
Then, in horror I notice
My newly purchased
WEBCAM is on!
~ Paul Bearer

I graduated in a Bachelor's degree with a major in Psychology and minor in Communication.

When I graduated in 1991 and first started working in 1992, there was no Yahoo, Google, Facebook or even the Internet.

The Internet boom happened in the mid 90's, like 1994 to 1996.

In Malaysia, even later.

I was just amazed by some level of Intranet communications we had within the company I worked with.

The Internet is truly a marvelous invention that has allowed for me to blog, for me to connect with friends via e-mail, Skype, Facebook and other Internet based tools.

I came from a generation where you had to write letters. And the letters you wrote became keepsakes.

I came from a time when laziness meant you did not have many friends. As having friends meant leaving your home and meeting up with friends or writing to friends far away.

I lost most contact with friends in the USA while I was studying as most of them graduated and moved away and we were all too busy and too lazy to write a letter and post it in the mail.

Yet to this day and age, receiving a letter in the mail is more exciting for me that receiving an email. Receiving a phone call is more precious than a chat on Internet Messengers.

But there is the wonderful Internet and with it things like e-mail, Facebook, Skype etc. which costs a person pittance in terms of money to use and therefore people have less excuses for not keeping in touch.

The Internet is a marvelous tool that I can write what I want in my blogs, be it about me, my visions, my journey or the people in my life.

It is so wonderful that I can receive e-mails telling me I have won a billion pounds from some African country or I can get some free penis enlargement therapy.

It is so wonderful that faceless anonymous people can leave comments and say what they want.

Recent comments include:
Anonymous : Great writing talent! Discussing family details in public is not such a lovable or polite or civilized action, especially between husband and wife of another soul living in the same hut...
One must start truly loving and forgiving not simply subscribing to ideals.
Everyone gets crappy, washing dirty linen in public is not what anyone who has a tinge of morality does...
Blogging is fine, respecting others while we blog is a very clear line that should not be abused.
One Guju To Another One
PS Gandhi was a Guju. Espounging (sic) global ideals but not accepting ethnicity is either an inferiority complex or plain hypocrisy!

Of course I know who anonymous is, the funny thing, he is expunging ideals by being anonymous. But that is the wonderful thing about the Internet. People can remain anonymous. But nevertheless, Mr. Anonymous, your post comment is published.

Subramani: An ultimate free guide to find Genuine online jobs,part time jobs, data entry jobs, internet jobs. START your Home Based Online Jobs Right Now without any investment.

Thanks for sharing Subramani but leaving a job comment on a blog about someone miraculously surviving a near death experience seemed inappropriate for me to publish.

Romantic: Hello Nil, nice poetry; I have a romantic sex shop please leave me in your blog, thank you very much.

Thanks Romantic for your link to your sex shop, but again, it seemed a very inappropriate comment to publish for a blog on building eternal bridges to God. I know God love me and I love Him but I do not think he would like to see me in a g-string to a dildo or something.

Frank: The city's budget gap could grow if state and federal aid are further decreased. Officials anticipate losing at least $22 million in direct state aid。A lot of women like to buy new shoes,but some are very expensive. nice and cheap ugg boots is on display right now at Harrods ugg clearance in London, but once released, will there be a market for it? The new green luxury car gives the environmentally conscious executive cheap uggs clearance the option of powering the CT 200H by either electricity orjordan basketball shoes by regular petrol. Lexusugg women is banking on the belief that there is a growing demand for a greenJordan Fusions. vehicle in the luxury car market.(sic)

Thanks Frank, again I did not publish your comment in my blog about “You don’t have a soul.” I guess you are just trying to market some ugg boots but I think my soul needs more than some ugly shoes.

Anonymous: Hope your heart heals from the perception that you have my dear friend. 30+ years is a long time to carry a grudge over things that matter not ... wish you all the best in life.

I very much think this anonymous is the same anonymous above, grow up and leave your name bro. But yes, things do not matter, I do not hold a grudge, I just have a good memory. I need to let go of some of these memories.

I received an email recently about doing some blog survey from Lina Lee. It said this:
Hello there,
I’m Azlina from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. I am currently doing a research on Malaysian Bloggers as part of my Masters degree in Social Science (Psychology). Your blog has been selected and I would sincerely be grateful if you can participate in my study. In this research, I am interested to understand more about your blogging experience. If you are indeed 18 years old and above, and willing to spend a few moments of your time to complete a survey to help with my research, please answer the questionnaire in the link below as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, you may email me at xxxxxxxx@xxxx.com.
I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration!

Interestingly, her questionnaire was on self-disclosure among Malaysian bloggers. About how much people disclose in their blogs. And yet, she had not given her full name in the email above nor the title of her thesis or her Professor who was sponsoring this research until I wrote to her and she replied rather rudely.

Ah, Internet, it is such a wonderful miraculous invention.

Like I said, the Internet is a wonderful invention that allows people to communicate. It allows for interesting comments on Facebook and in blogs. It allows for interesting followers. I have 194 followers, maybe I personally only know 4 or 5 of them. Some of my followers are wonderful, and some are a little weird, but nevertheless, I hope I inspire them and they get some message to improve their lives like I have my life.

My life has improved when I started communicating to God again.

The thing is, people those days, the time of Jesus, Mohamad, Mahavir, Budha, Kriya Baba, Brahma, Krishna, Vishnu, Shankar – they did not have the Internet. And they communicated with the masses, and they communicated with God. Not through Skype, or IM, or Facebook nor mobile phones

(Although I saw Kriya Baba in Facebook recently and started wondering, maybe the rest were on Facebook too?)

The communicated through their voice, through their deeds and to God through telepathy.

The same way, ever since I was young, I communicated to God. No email, no Facebook, no Internet.

And I communicate to my God and my guardians daily. And I have changed the course of my life around based on their guidance. I write based on their guidance.

My name is Nil Timbadia, this is what my friends call me, this is not a pseudonym and the picture in my blog is me, a nude shot by a good Photographer friend of mine.

You can send any comments you want, you can trash me, you can praise me, you can follow me, you can be my friend. It is your choice, the Internet is a wonderful miraculous invention that allows you the choice.

My choice is through the guidance of God and my wonderful guardian to send you infinite love and gratitude.

Take care and be well.


Joshua Hajok said...

Hahahhahaha, that Azlina lady replied rather rudely.. that was funny, i dont know why but yea, its funny. ahahah.

Be blessed bro. Internet is awesome. Like a double edge sword, just need to ask the right question or we'll get answers we dont wanna hear or know about. Or, somehow we just get info that tingles the mind. =/

Anonymous said...

Hey I left you some "wonderful feedback" that I sincerely thought your words were magnificent. Not all commenters are disrespectful. Honestly, your poems have made me return to my long hidden love of writing poems and fairytales. Your words of respect and "changing the course of your life around with his (God's) guidance" has encouraged me to return to my own once strong faith. Keep up the wisdom, courage and inspirational writing that you do.

Nil said...

Thanks Courage and I am truly happy and grateful to have inspired you. Do you have a blog or somewhere I can see your wonderful poetry?

Anonymous said...

yes and I will send you it. I would really appreciate if you would - actually I feel strangely called to ask you this to please do this- write a blog post about regaining hope, conquering depression caused by past experiences and how to end unhealthy, not God blessed, addictions. I feel you should write on these topics and it will bless many readers- and me as well. Thank you. Courage