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Monday, February 28, 2011

I see you, I talk with you, and I listen

I can talk to God, He listens and He answers.
I can talk to my guardians, they listen and they guide.
I can talk to animals, they connect telepathically through the animal kingdom.
I can talk to spirits, they do not bother me too much.
I can talk to the living, and some of these are the most vicious.
Because they don't always listen, help, guide or care.
Because they don't always tell the truth or are honest.
Because they judge others before they look at their own lives.
So when I am quiet,
It is not because I am proud and aloof,
It is not because I am deaf or stupid,
It is simple,
It's because I have better conversations with the "other beings" 
Compared to the living human beings.
And if I speak to you, it is more because you care for me
And thus I care for you and I am grateful for your being.

It has been a miraculous journey since I returned to live in the city from the balanced life in the smallest city in Borneo.

I love the country life as much as the city life but the hustle and bustle of the big city sometimes gets to me.

It is not because of the traffic jams and the malls and the hustle and the bustle. It is not because of the higher cost of living and the ever increasing prices of food or the safety and theft concerns.

While all of the above are real concerns of the city life, what really gets to me is the lying. Yes, lying.

People in the city lie more than people in the smaller areas. The bigger the cities, the bigger the liars.

I do not know if there is any research to this but this is my perception. So, I tend to shut-up in KL more.

But last year when I came back, I have been on a very conscious journey of improving myself, and myself is not my body which I have rented for this lifetime, myself is the inner being of me, the soul is me, I am the soul.

Everyone refers to their soul as my soul, like a possession. "This is my car, this is my house, this is my bed, this is my chair, this is my soul."

I have already written before. I do not have a soul. I am a soul, I have a body.

And that is that. I am a soul, connected to the divine powers that be of the Universe, to God. And God is connected to me. As a divine soul, I am part of the divine DNA, part of God's DNA.

Over the years, I have evolved. Over lifetimes, I have evolved.

In this lifetime, in this borrowed body, I have visions of my past lives, my present life. I have visions of God. And I have visions of my guardians and angels.

The only souls that have hurt me in this lifetime are the living souls.

The animal souls, the dead human souls, the other dimension's souls, the ascended masters, and even God - I do not fear them, I love them all.

And I have always loved the living souls too, but they are the once that have caused hurt.

So, it is with the miracle of my guidance, and my ability to connect with God and his Universe, to the souls over the Rainbow bridge, to the Ascended Masters and to myself .... I have improved myself.

Through various means like getting back to my basic prayers and meditation with Aum, through discussions, through Reiki, through Al E and other friends of his, through Mahavir, through Kriya Baba, through Prityangara Dewi, through Jesus, through Budha and through their messengers currently living, through God ... I have become I.

I am a soul. I don't have one. I have a rental body.

I enjoy the company of few. And few enjoy the company of me. And that is perfectly fine and finely perfect.

Like Dr Suess say, those that matter, don't mind; and those that mind, don't matter.

Oh the places I will go with the knowledge and wisdom I have gained and continue to gain. The journeys I have been on and the journeys I will go on. The animals that I have seen and cherish as I go through this journey. The learning's from the ascended masters and God.

I am soul; I am this soul, going through various journeys in various vehicles that I have borrowed for that journey. But my main DNA remains up there with God while my sub DNA continues on its journey in various borrowed bodies.

If we happen to meet each other and we souls have the connection, it will be such a wonderful and beautiful experience and a fabulous journey it would be. And if we souls meet and do not get along, it was never meant to be, it was there as a creation of karma, manifestations of evil and bad.

Here's to my miraculous and fabulous journey in this body of mine. This ends my February blogs of miracles and I have yet to decide if March has a theme yet. Maybe March theme will be about friendships or it will be about pets or about both as a dog is, after all, a man's best friend.

Take care and be well.


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Write about pets Nil...they deserve a space in our life and thoughts...

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