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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Equality and Duality - 1Malay-sia

Being in a car or on a motorcycle with someone of the opposite gender can land you in trouble.

That is, if you are a teacher-trainee in the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Teachers' Training Institute (IPG) in Kuantan, Pahang.

The directive, contained in a circular dated and put into effect on Aug 10 by the institute, stipulates that it is now prohibited for its trainees to be riding a motorcycle or car berdua-duaan (as couples) on or even outside campus grounds.

Citing the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act 1976 (Act 174), the circular containing the directive stipulates as an offense any “behaviour that can be interpreted as damaging or injuring the good name of the institution, whether committed within or outside campus”.

"As such, IPG announces with immediate effect that all students are not allowed to leave berdua-duaan in any vehicle, whether car or motorcycle within or outside the campus at any time,” the circular reads further.

Confirming the issuance of the circular, IPG director Mazlan Mohamad told Malaysiakini when contacted that the directive was made as a preventive measure against the onset of social ills.

"Why did we do that? Because we want to prevent (incidences). It's better (to prevent such incidences), before such things as baby-dumping occur,” said Mazlan.

Mazlan denied that the directive was an extreme measure, and pointed to the absence of objections by the students.

Furthermore, the rule would only be enforced within the area of the campus and is directed at the trainees, who have been openly and repeatedly seen leaving the campus in twos.

The perceptions of the community surrounding IPG - and their level of tolerance about such incidences - are different from the community in Kuala Lumpur, Mazlan noted further.

He also said that most of the 1,400-strong campus population understand the social environment of Kuala Lipis where such incidents are frowned upon.

The above article appeared in Malaysiakini yesterday.

So, now students are not allowed to go on motorcycles or even cars with a member of another sex.

I guess a father or a brother dropping his daughter or sister off to college is a big no-no for this campus.

Similarly a mother or sister cannot drop off the son or brother.

How ridiculous?

And who knew that riding pillion with a member of the opposite sex could get you pregnant or for the matter, even riding in the car with someone could get you pregnant ... which will eventually lead you to dumping babies.

And this is a Barisan Nasional run state and yet these same buggers are the ones who ridicule all the ridiculous laws the have implemented in Kelantan

Maybe time for us to reach a second independence - Malarabia or something like that and just stop all these sexes mixing together and re-introduced forced and arranged marriages - after all "love" marriages lead to high rate of divorce.

Then again, I am born here, this is my land, and all these ridiculousness needs to just stop. Somebody needs to have guts to come in and stop this nonsense.

The above institute or story is from Pahang. I wonder who the politicians from Pahang are?

Hmmmm, wait a minute, it is beloved PM himself.

1 Malaysia .... ptui.

Take care and be well.

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