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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Mirian wedding course

There is this friend of mine, who is getting married soon.

As part of getting married, she has to undergo a natural birth control talk as well as a wedding course in the church.

This is conducted by various respected members of the church.

I went through the same thing when I was getting married to wifey.

Only difference is for the birth control section, in Miri, it is taught by this retired female doctor.

So, the women are supposed to observe their menstruation cycle and check on their discharge on a daily basis - whether is is dry, wet, sticky, cloudy etc.

For a month or so, they keep a record and show it to the doctor.

For this friend, after a month of charting etc and showing it to the doctor, the doctor declared you are "mandul" which basically meant she could not give birth.

The doctor went on to say that as my friend could not give birth, she could not get married in church.

YES, I know your eyes are rolling and saying WTF!

Luckily for my friend, she went to the priest and told the priest of the incident. The priest would have already also got a report from the doctor.

However, the priest too rolled his eyes and am sure in his mind said WTF.

The priest gracefully allowed this friend to get married and she has been happily married now.

I just think that sometimes some people make life more difficult than what has been said or prescribed by religion.

Hopefully, level heads will prevail.

And wishing all those getting married soon a blissful and happy marriage life. And those who are still single, do enjoy being single and have some fun.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

WTF is wrong with this female doc? Maybe this female doc never got married so she is just making some person's life miserable.....stupid & aloof doc. God & the Bible never say that you cannot get married in a church simply because one is 'impotent' / 'mandul'....Heck, even a non-Christian person can get married in a church.
.......Btw. the church should SACK/FIRE this ignorant & daft doctor! Simple solution!
[Apa sudah jadi dengan perempuan/doktor ini...nasib baik kawan you tanya itu priest sendiri...Kalau dia tu penakut or tak ade confidence mesti habis!}

Nil said...

Exactly the point. If one is meek, they'd get bullied and may not approach the priest. I wonder if this is how nuns and priests are shortlisted - oh you mandul, cannot get married in church but become a nun instead.

macK said...

*roll eyes* WTF!