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Monday, August 16, 2010

Only werewolves howl at the full moom

In the dark of the night, deep in the jungle, the only light that shines through the wide canopy of the virgin rainforest is that of a full moon brightly shining through foliage of the trees and casting shadows through the moist cool air.

What the eyes cannot see, the ear's compensates and hears. The sounds normally ignored are now amplified.

The rustling of the leaves by the wind, the chirping of the cricket, the hooting of the owl, the movement of the animals and once every month or so, the howling of the werewolf during the full moon.

The werewolf does not need to look at the moon to know it is a full moon or a new moon, it is something he knows, something that is imprinted in him, and every time there is a full moon, he will howl as that is his being.

Living in the city and looking up in the night sky, all you see is the brightness of the artificial fluorescent lights that have taken over the magnificent night sky and the polluted air sometimes even blocking of any natural light and shadows from the light of the moon.

The modern city werewolf can barely see the light from the moon but it will howl at the full moon even when he cannot see the moon because it is imprinted in him.

Just because you cannot see the moon does not mean the moon does not exist. The moon is there, always, whether it is a full moon or a new moon.

Nowadays it is easy to calculate when the full moon is and when the new moon is, after all the moon is on a fix cycle.

The werewolf know the fixed cycle and so have humans for years. In fact, the moon cycles are printed on many calendars and easily available off the mighty Internet.

And yet, year in year out, a brethren of brothers in a country known as One Malaysia Bolehland will go out in a specific month to go out to the highest of mountains with their hand held telescopes to look out for the new moon to determine the start of the fasting period.

For years, other similar brethren of brothers have gone to scientific methods but the brethren of brothers here remain old fashioned.

And a month or so later, these same brothers will go out to determine the end of the fasting period.

It does not matter if it is the rainy season with clouds covering the brightly fluorescent lite skies, the duty to see the new moon with handheld telescopes is pertinent to the success and control of this land.

As for the story of the werewolf, if you happen to be in the jungle camping out some night, where the skies are lit by the moon and the millions of stars and no fake fluorescent light is in sight, where your hearing has become better than your sight and you hear every little noise of the jungle, listen out for the howl of the werewolf.

You have got five more full moons this year namely Aug 24, Sep 23, Oct 23, Nov 21 and Dec 21. Listen out to the howl of the werewolf - but please remember - this is no Taylor Lautner or Jacob the werewolf from the Twilight saga.

If you do a Google search on Moon Calendar 2010, it will give you more than 23 million hits and a surprising 143 thousand hits for the howl of the werewolf.

Do let me know if you hear the werewolf howl during the full moon.

Until then .....

Take care and be well.

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