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Thursday, September 10, 2009

24 hours

If I could have the power to be anyone or anything for an hour, every hour for one day, this is what my 24 hours would look like.

Some names are world famous and some names are not, but I would like to be in their shoes even if just for an hour.

I write it by time in a chronological order (to try to imitate the famous series 24) but it could come in any order, at anytime.

0000 Wifey - would be interesting to be in wifey's shape and mind for an hour. She has a lot of different views on things and always adds a new perspective in our relationship.

0100 Al E - my dog is is an energizer bunny, anytime of the day. I can imagine jumping around and chasing after my ball. Only thing I would not like is the food, but then again, I'll be a dog.

0200 My dad - it would be interesting to know what 75 years of wisdom he has in his head. He has been working since he was 17.

0300 Soph - my down syndrome sister in law. Again another person who seems always positive. It would be interesting to know what goes on in her wonderful mind.

0400 Albert Einstein - for once understand how it is to feel "above average" intelligence. But for such an intelligent person, his famous works are only 5 characters, E=MC2.

0500 Mahatma Gandhi - non-violence movement leader who was a terrible father but nevertheless a great leader. Maybe as him, I will tell my kids I love them too.

0600 Jesus - the one and only. It would be interesting to be a prophet, son of god and understand all the wonderful things such a person would know. The next few follow this theme.

0700 Mohammad - yes the Prophet of Islam. If I was Jesus for an hour, of course it would be good to be Mohammad. Maybe I will understand both these religions better.

0800 Ganesha - son of Shiva or the famous Elephant God. Can you imagine being the son of the destroyer God and having a head of an elephant. Also among the most respected in Hinduism.

0900 Krishna - my name is translated as Blue God and is named after Krishna, a famous Hindu human God. I would like to be in his shoes and try to understand why I was named after him.

1000 Gautama Buddha - he kept saying he is human and preaching a way of life, but his followers ended up starting a religion - would like to know and maybe make it clear.

1100 Mahavir - he is the last or 24 Tithankar in Jain religion. Being Jain, I always read and have heard his deeds and things he has done for the Jain religion.

1200 A traditional faithhealer (Bomoh) - how can I leave out our traditional Bomoh. Have to understand how they work and how they "heal" various types of ailments that are supernatural.

1300 P. Ramlee - I until now love all P Ramlee movies, my favorite being 3 Abdul and Pendekar Bujang Lapuk. Classics that can make me laugh out loud on the most stressful of days.

1400 Michael Crichton - I love reading his books, among my favorite authors. He died last year from cancer and he wrote till the end. His last book comes out this November. I want to be a writer and would like to understand how he starts a book or an idea.

1500 Amitabh Bachan - infamous Hindi movie actor that has reinvented himself in his older age. Classic actor. Arrogant but classic and confident.

1600 Confucious - was he a real person, was he a myth, were all those interesting sayings really from him. And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.

1700 Leonardo Da Vinci - he was an artist, an inventor, what else could he do, was he gay, who is the Mona Lisa - is it him?

1800 Warren Buffet - this is like the intelligent Forrest Gump, or maybe he is just Forrest Gump. He is a master at inveting in the right companies and I have always wanted a modest amount of Berkshire A shares - maybe 100,000 shares at USD100,00 per share.

1900 Bill Gates - I was torn between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but choose Gates for the extra geeky factor that he has. You got to love him, the new monopolist.

2000 A king or queen (preferably current) - one that lives a good life, has many palaces, many sports cars, many guards, many uniforms - I could throw a Haloween party.

2100 Genghis Khan - uniter, invader, warrior ... was he a good person or a bad person. Was he a ruthless warrior or a good leader, emperor. I was torn between him and Napoleon but decided to choose an Asian.

2200 A restless spirit / ghost - pontianak harum sundal malam? Well, for once, I would like to know why these spirits still roam the earth. After all many religions talk about heaven or hell, and the others about reincarnation. So, why are these spirits still roaming around?

2300 Nilesh Timbadia - at the end of the day, I would like to turn back to be myself. After all, I have had an interesting life that has a long road ahead still. So, yes, at the end of it all, I would like to be me. I may have made many mistakes in my life thus far but like Einstein said, "If someone feels that they have never made a mistake in their life, then it means they have never tried a new thing in their life."

Take care and be well.


Awesomeness said...

:) nice post i love this one :)
keep on writing.

bal said...

strange fellow. I'll just be hugh hefner thank you very much, and not just for an hour please. :-P


Nil said...

Thanks Bubu. And B, let's hear what your wifey has to say about your wish of being Hugh Hefner ;)

Ser said...

Love this post.

If time-travel concept works, then with this post in mind, you will have quite an interesting but extremly tiring day.