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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turkey at the entrance

I went out marketing today and was somehow reminded of an old story I remembered of an incident while entering the KLCC Suria a long time ago.

I was driving to KLCC from my apartment in Bukit Antarabangsa using the elevated highway in Kuala Lumpur. There is an exit from the elevated highway that straight leads to the entrance to the KLCC parking lot.

As I was turning into the entrance, there was a turkey blocking the entrance .... yes a turkey, ayam belanda in Bahasa Melayu.

Somehow, the turkey gobble gobble and moved it's arse off my path.

However, being the good samaritan I am, I thought it would be good for me to report it so that KLCC security could remove the turkey so that it would not possess any danger to itself or to other motorists.

After reporting the incident to the security and having written a report, I went about doing my shopping thinking that the security would have acted fast enough.

I forgot about the incident and the next time I went to KLCC, I no longer saw the turkey lingering about.

However, after about 2 months, I got a call from KLCC security director. The person called me to inquire about the report I had made - more than 2 months ago. It seems they had not done anything and were only looking at the report after 2 months.

I guess a lot of security especially security directors in large malls must be some high ranking ex-officials from the police.

Considering it took them two months to act ... it sounds familiar and similar to to the action or rather the inaction of our force especially when it comes to petty crime i.e. snatch theft, even major crimes, rapes etc.

The force cannot even catch simpleton "criminals" like Raja Petra or Ayah Pin.

However, when it comes to high profile murders, they are quick to "solve" the case. Really makes me wonder which poor person became the scapegoat and culprit.

Seems like we have turkeys everywhere, not just at the entrance.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

I remember this incident...I was with you...I also remember when you got the phone call from KLCC's security 2 months later...

Really sickening the way things are turning out in this country and we have a premier who plays the 'shadow game' (wayang kulit) with ppl's emotion...sigh!

William said...

Hahahaha... on purpose lah. He actually went out, quickly stuff the turkey into his bag pretending it was his! He went back, cook himself a good meal out of the turkey, took 2 months leave looking at every entrance for more turkeys! So, after all the turkeys had been "harvested" and oh...no... your report...quick... quick, did you find more turkey? Let me know ok.