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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We are all made of quarks

I hated physics but more and more I am beginning to like it.

A quark is a fundamental particle which possesses both electric charge and 'strong' charge. They combine in groups of two or three to form composite objects (called mesons and baryons, respectively), held together by the strong force. Protons and neutrons are familiar examples of such composite objects -- both are made up of three quarks. The quarks come in six different species (physicists call them 'flavors'), each of which have a unique mass. The two lightest, unimaginatively called 'up' and 'down' quarks, combine to form protons and neutrons. The heavier quarks aren't found in nature and have so far only been observed in particle accelerators.

A quark is basically little packets of energy. And everything is energy. Everything has quarks, be it a nail, a rock, water, your hand, basically everything you touch, taste, smell ... and see, although you cannot see the quarks.

As scientist continue to pursue their exploration on staggeringly small scales, the find themselves staring at something truly confounding called the zero-point field (ZPF).

Beneath the energy, the quarks itself lies a still more basic level. It is not energy anymore, nor is it empty space. It is basically a field of information.

Field of information, a sea of pure consciousness.

Consciousness is what the universe is made of, matter and energy are just forms that consciousness takes.

So, a thought creates consciousness and therefore many thoughts creates the universe.

Okay, I have probably bored all of my readers with physics. Interesting stuff though. How everything changes or as I say it, reincarnates into a different form, into a different consciousness.

Just imagine how powerful you can create your consciousness to be ... powerful enough to believe in God, powerful enough to believe in prophets, powerful enough to believe in yourself.

And that is how you change, by believing in something within your own matter, your own energy, your own consciousness.

Be great or be normal - the power is within you.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Now quickly use that power to 'puff' some aliens from mother land (the orginal one)...

Anonymous said...

We believe and it surely must exist....

If another person does not believe, does that mean that thing does not exist...

Just an example.. one perosn believe ghost exist..and another dont... so Ghost exist only in the mind where it is created...

Nil said...

YAB, agreed, things exist differently for different individuals, ghost only exists for this who believe in ghosts and god only exists for those who believe in God ... but at the basis of it all is energy and concsience.