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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1Malaysia - a long long way

The paper cutting below is the best resolution I can get.

But basically, it is a advertisement by Sime UEP for housing and the repayment for loans.

In the first case, 315k loan. Monthly repayment for Bumiputera is 875, for non-Bumiputera is 2,916. That is a stagerring 2,041 difference.

For a 2.25 million loan, Bumiputera monthly payment is 6250 and non-Bumiputera is 20,833, a difference of 14,583.

Can this be right? Is the maths really that off or is this a big typo or wrong calculation on Sime UEP's part?

If it is a fact, why would any non-"Bumiputera" people be dumb enough to buy these properties. These must be the ones in Shah Alam where they want to grow the 1Malay population, to maybe 1Million.

Respect for races and religion and concept of 1Malaysia needs to start from the top. Because the people at the bottom are all ready for a truly 1Malaysia, not a bullshit of a slogan.

Salam 1Malaysia ... like they sign off on RTM.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Gosh, that sucks...imagine the amount that we are repaying (our loans) for Bangsar home...

Now imagine if it is a bumi and how convinient for these nat-axes and other bumis...sucks

Ser said...

No offense to other bumis but comparitively the rest of us are really treated like 3 rd citizens...being Indian and labeled as one makes it worse...

IM'sia my foot!

Ser said...

1M'sia got a loooooooooooooooooooooooog way to go and it is merely a SLOGAN by the country is being brain-washed with some fancy pancy PR.

Nil said...

I do not think that other bumiputera's are to be blamed for the current situation. It all started with the British divide and rule policy and 50+ years after independence, we don't change. It is time for some sort of a revolution, a true independence, out from the grasps of our colonial rulers or even current "rulers".

Nil said...

Going back to my previous blog about quarks, Indians are only 3rd class citizens because they are brainswashed to think so. I am sure Ananda Krishnan and the many other Indian rich people including JJ do not think of themselves as 3rd class citizens.

Anonymous said...

Why watch ASTRO when you can watch satelite TV for free..

The Law is selectively applied so that Malaysians are forever paying... as in the case of ASTRO.. with the threat of breaching the broadcasting Law but nobody can precisely artculate.

so in a way Ananda is also screwing Malaysians big time via monopoly..and one monopoly leads to another.

as one of the priveleged humans..and I bet he does NOT identify himself as indian while the rest of you think and act as indians and 3rd class citizen.

What I want to emphasise here is that when a person isalready in a certain (inner) group.. its US (inner group) and the rest of malaysians.. see PKFZ, Bakun Dam, etc etc..

These offers for Bumi are also selective... same as the selective caning for bumi beer drinkers and "all okay" money coruption..

Not all bumis' are created equal...and yes.. there can be no 1Malaysia if the present constituition and governing structure exist...

Why... the constituition instutionalise the descrimination between Malaysian citizen via birth, religion and which state you are born.

That is why we have bumi, malay sultan and power structure, and why you need a work permit to work in Sarawak/Sabah.

Nil said...

YAB, well put ... you need to start a blog lah.

Ser said...

Well said YAB