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Monday, September 7, 2009


Why do we still need subtitles in movies, especially English and Malay movies in Malaysia?
Mengapa kita perlukan serikata dalam tayangan gambar, khaskan gambar Bahasa Ingerris atau Bahasa Malaysia di dalam negara Malaysia?

Some person who has got the contract for doing subtitles surely is making a lot of money.
Seseorang yang dapat contract untuk mebuat serikata mesti buat banyak duit.

OK, I was hoping to have Malay subtitles for my entire blog but my Malay as you can see from above translations is utterly atrocious.

But subtitles are getting fantastic especially when we get subtitles like "Lima biji kacang" or "Five pieces of beans" when the spoken word was Lima Beans.

Subtitles are an irritant in movies especially when they appear in the middle of the screen.

Also, all Malaysians study Malay and English in school and therefore our language skills should be quite good to understand the movie without the irritating subtitles.

And if the government admits that it is not good, then do like what the French, Italians and Germans do, dub the English movies in Malay. And have a cinema that shows the dubbed version and one that shows the English version without the irritating subtitles.

If the English of Malaysians is so bad, why don;t we have subtitles on everything including advertisements.

Can you imagine a Tiger Beer advertisement with subtitles?

"Bir Harimau, sudah masanya."

How about "Jenama anjing kerbau Guiness, ia bagus untuk anda"?

Then again, probably not cause that would be "haram" right?

I would say it's time to get rid of subtitles, or have subtitles in everything.

Also, why just English and Malay. We should have subtitles in Chinese, Tamil, Iban, Kadazan at the least.

Why stop there, we cannot discriminate against those who are hard of hearing. So, just like news in RTM1, we should have a sign language person doing sign language in the corner of the screen. I can just imagine a fast paced action scene ... the sign language person would be totally exhausted.

Or have subtitles like in DVD's, which state things like bird chirping, people laughing, car horn blasting - this would certainly help those who are hard of hearing as well.

Oh well!

Take care and be well.

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