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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

400 on 9.9.9

It is 09.09.2009 or 9th September 2009. (Okay, so I posted this blog early, but the date is still 9.9.9.). This is my 400th blog post.

I started by blog out of boredom a little and mostly out of the need to be able to express myself through writing which I do best. So far I have written anything and everything that comes to my mind, sometimes it is on another persons mind and I find the idea interesting.

I am not sure if it is a big achievement or maybe my supervisor or other readers feel I have too much time in my hands. I do it as a release of stress for myself, writing helps me to reduce my stress levels which currently I would say is on the high side due to many many many reasons.

So, I muse and have been musing for 400 blogs, slightly over 1 year. I do not know how many reader I have, I hope one day I would have many.

Thank you all for reading and leaving comments, I hope to continue doing this for a while as I do not easily get bored of doing things. Some people seem to get bored of doing it, or like they themselves have said, hangat hangat tahi ayam. Some others maybe rely on some inanimate objects talking to them - and maybe this object just stopped talking and some people maybe just get bored. Some people have been doing it for years actively, have some interesting themes and even manage a few blogs.

All which I have enjoyed, whether they come frequently or infrequently or even if I don't quite understand them.

And I hope to continue to write and bring some enjoyment to others.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Ser said...

Write a book...especially the unfinished one..finish it dear. It is good.

If it is too much of a task, write short stories.

You are a good penglipur-lara (via writing of course).