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Friday, September 11, 2009

Rape is rape, no matter how you see it

Lately there have been a lot of stories in the mainstream media about the rape of Penan girls in Sarawak especially by timber workers.

These stories have existed for years and reported and written about but no action has been taken.

But only now finally the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has come out and said it out loud that indeed Penan girls were raped in their 111 page report.

So we should expect some action against these rapists right?

Wrong. Think again. See the excerpt from The Star yesterday. What do you think? You think anything will be done to the rapists?

The Sarawak police cannot nail the loggers who raped and sexually abused Penan girls and women unless the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry can provide detailed information that can lead to their arrest.

Sarawak CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Huzir Mohamed told The Star yesterday, though the ministry confirmed that these sexual crimes had indeed happened, the state police needed detailed and specific information like names, dates and places.

“We need the names of specific victims, where they can be found, more accurate dates and places of the incidents and descriptions of the people who had done these (sexual crimes),” he said when interviewed.

‘’We need to interview these victims. If the report is too general and not precise, it will be difficult for us to probe effectively. The ministry must furnish us with more details.”

SAC Huzir was asked whether the police could launch a ground investigation to pinpoint the rapists following the ministry’s public disclosure about the rapes and sexual abuse against Penan girls and women in ulu Baram in northern Sarawak.

So, next time when a girl is raped, she should take down the date, time, description of what occured as well as description of the rapists and then take a 3 day trip from the jungles of Sarawak to come to the Miri police station to make a report (which by the way has been done by some of them) for the police to even start any investigation.

It will take the police some time to dilly dally around and "investigate" in the city and maybe go to the office of the timber company and "harshly" scold them before they make another 3 day trip (of which of course they never do).

Remember the Star exposure about an sms received from a sex worker requesting to be rescued from Bakun dam area a few years back. What happenned? What was the follow up?

Seems the jungles of Sarawak and the people in there are in a time and area that people soon forget, life goes on, and the world goes around and round. Soon, an area of Sarawak the size of Kelantan will be flooded and all the rapes and memories will be washed up.

And they are planning to build 13 more dams in Sarawak.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

It is not only rape...

It is the same if you are robbed

The victims need to provide the names of the robbers, IC & handphone numbers, where they usually hang out, receipt & date of purchase of the stolen items and place of the incidents as well as descriptions of the people who had done these robbers.

The Police will then interview these robbers.

If victim report is too general and not precise, it will be difficult for the police to probe effectively and eventually the case will be marked..NFA -- no further action.

Anonymous said...

With these reports... it just confirms whose live are not a mention and does not matter at all.

It is as if these people dont exist and their action will not change the course of history....

heeyyy... if billion of RM is embezzaled and obvious killers are not senteced.. what hope do these people have...

Just bottled it up and continue to live..and hope for divine judgemnt...

Now we know why RELIGION got alot of members...

Even then .. they get screwed by the religious intituition.

Nil said...

Now the Rural Minister in Sarawak is already "doubting" the validity of report before even reading it. And the police as usual saying that victims are not talking. Looks like the 111 page report and any other rapes in the jungles of Sarawak are going to be marked NFA.

bal said...

see star paper today, minister (or is it ministress, or monistress for monster like minister lady) herself having sympathy for the cops. OF COURSE she will have the exact same attitude if her own kin were treated like the penans. Sure what.

makes me physically sick. these are the people to vote OUT again. Padan muka, last election beaten by novice.