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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stilness of my Mind; Speak up then Shut up Super-ego-men

Super-ego-men are the beings within my mind that think they are super heroes but in all trueness, they are the vexations of the spirit and they are what are holding my dreams and desires back.

Wifey calls them monkey chatters and I call them super-ego-men.

They think they are doing you good but adding doubt into your dreams, they think they are helping you by adding fear into your life and they think they are super heroes for leading you to the right path whilst leading you to the wrong path, to the dark force.

However, the more you ask them to shut up, they multiply and the louder they will speak. The louder they will speak and this will unfortunately deprive you from the stillness of your mind.

Most people forget that they are in control of their super-ego-men and let these wannabe super heroes take over their lives which leads them to forget their dreams and wishes, their smile and laughter and their warmth and friendliness to become cold blocks of stone men and women you see everywhere in the world nowadays.

I am becoming more aware of my own strengths to be able to control these super-ego-men and able to still my mind and in the stillness of my mind is where the true wonders lie.

It has been a long journey but as Confucius or Lou Tze, I cannot remember whom, said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

I have taken the first step.

Nowadays, I tell my super-ego-men to speak up, and once they have spoken up, I say thank you and politely ask them to shut up.

Once I have politely accepted what they have said, thanked them and ask them to take a break and shut up, they generally do.

And this is when I am able to achieve the stillness of my mind that takes me to journeys and places that I could only imagine and teaches me lessons and provides me the wisdom of ages. The stillness of my mind allows me to communicate with my inner being and some outer beings who are the real super heroes in this case.

The past couple of days has been difficult, the super-ego-men have been making more noise and the monkey chatters are getting louder and sometimes this leads to frustration and you give up trying to reach the stillness of your mind. And when these happens, they have won and I have lost.

So thank you my friends, super-ego-men, thank you for all your "advice" and wonderful "suggestions", I truly am appreciative of it, now I would also appreciate if you could maybe shut up for a while for me to reach the stillness of my mind that I require.

The stillness of my mind has already shared with me wonderful things.

Next month, I plan to take this thirty day journey. Everyday I will share my journey in my blogs. And this journey will lead me to a no-regrets life. At least that is my hope and aspiration and my guidance. If you would like to take this journey too, I will be guided by One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life

Nevertheless, I still got eight more December blogs to write before my journey above. So enjoy my blogs for this month, the last will be on 27 December, falling on my 14th wedding anniversary.

Take care and be well.


bal said...

Personally i feel that this is the best posting from you thus far. Excellent excellent insight. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront of my mind as well. Often it is that i forget the existence of these buggers to my own detriment, and to the detriment of those around me as a consequence.

Looking forwards to next month's journey. Happy anniversary to you and Ser, my friend. Take care and be well, someone kind once told me. :-)


The Phoenix Rising said...

ah, alpha males or aka super ego men. yea they can be a bitch and from a single guys perspective their annoying because their somoke and mirrors are so thick.