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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A long time ago

Many fairy tales begin with the line a long time ago, so, while as adults and humans we tend to stop believing in fairy tales, I start my December blog with "A long time ago...."

Hopefully some of you will figure out the theme of my blogs in a few days, some may take until the day after Christmas to realize it and some may not realize the theme at all.

A long time is a matter of perspective, for a 5 year old kid, a long time ago, is maybe just a month ago and for a man of 76, a long time ago was when he was in his 30's.

I am in my 40's now and for me a long time ago is anything before I was 30.

A lot of wonderful things happened a long time ago.

So here are a few of my stories from A Long Time Ago...

A long time ago I met this wonderful girl. We did not like each other in the beginning but after a couple of months, by coincidence and by accident, we went on our first date on April 30, 1994. I was a journalist in the newly started Sun newspaper in Malaysia. Our 1st date was in Mario's Italian Restaurant inside the Holiday Inn on the Park (many will not remember that such a hotel existed and now it is called Impiana KLCC). Our courtship and relationship was by far not a smooth or fantasy filled one but we did have a lot of fun and laughter. Eventually, I got married to this girl I met on December 27, 1996 and have been married to her since. Life has it's ups and downs and certainly ours has had some turbulent times that we have dealt with but one thing I know is that despite all our shortcomings, we have a lot to be thankful for and we love each other no different and perhaps even more than a long time ago.

A long time ago, a boy who had lost all hope after doing miserably in the SPM exams (equivalent to O levels in UK). This boy was not stupid, all his teachers and headmaster would not have considered this boy a below average student. But yet, he got grade 3 although he did not fail any subjects. All hope was lost as what could a relatively smart boy with a Grade 3 in SPM do at that time? All thoughts had crossed his mind, would he become a waiter, or a taxi driver or even a post man - all of which are commendable jobs that require some intelligence. At grade 3 in SPM, he did not even qualify for an entry level job in the government, so being a postman or a policeman or a soldier was already out of the question. One day he followed his friend to check out some private colleges in Kuala Lumpur. We checked out a few amongst which was KDU. Despite the shortcomings, some lecturer's saw the intelligence and allowed this boy with a grade 3 to enroll. This boy ended up growing into a man that is now me, having been on the dean's list and graduating with a B+ average, having done his Masters degree and working in a global role in a multi national company and having travelled many parts of the world with his lovely wife.

A long time ago, a boy who was 17 had his dreams of becoming a doctor destroyed when his father prematurely retired and being the eldest, he was forced to go to work to support his large family. The boy first worked in the dockyards in Calcutta and then moved to Penang in 1953. He worked with his uncle who paid him a sum of Indian Rupees 100 per month as wages (that is about USD3/month not an hour or a day). Lucky for him, he had free room and board at his uncle's place, so a decent lice filled bed to sleep on and 3 square meals a day for his labours of ensuring goods were unloaded from the port and sent to the shop. This man, with his hard work, his trustworthiness is my dad. Now 76 years old and has made his millions. By far not a super rich millionaire but a relatively well to do person who despite his crankiness at this age has lived a life of honour and respect among his peers and his elders as well as the younger generation who know him.

A long time ago, a wonderful mother and wife was taken by God in her sleep.

A lot of inspiration has come from a long time ago, but also remember, a long time ago, we used to eat mee goreng (fried noddles) in the school canteen for 30 cents. And we used to buy curry puff from the old man with a basket and his pickled onions for 15 cents. A long time ago, when we sang our national anthem, state anthem or school anthem, we meant it.

Well, a long time ago is a long time ago. We all have our wonderful memories. I certainly do keep these memories and cherish them but I do not live in a long time ago, we all have to live in the present, in the now.

Take care and be well.


Dj Euro said...

nice blog ... check out my blog @ djeuro.ca or http://soundcloud.com/djeuro613/dj-euro-presents-tropical-mix-2010

Ser said...

And now it is public knowledge :P

DeadDaisy said...

Just read this blog post. It is quite inspirational. Hope one day my story will be one worth to be told to. I am still that 20-something girl, trying to make it in the big world.

Bernd said...

It reads like the beginning of a book ... I'm curious how this develops further.

bal said...

Pretty certain you guys weren't married in 2006.... typo or ....living in ''sin!!'' haha.

Anyway your anniversary coming up, don't forget like i did or hells gates will open to unleash much fury and wrath!!


Nil said...

Bal, thanks for the correction, I have changed the date ;)
Bernd, your curiousity will have to wait, but a book is something I've always wanted to write.
DeadDaisy, everyone will take their own time to make it in this world, have the confidence and trust in you.
Ser, not everything is public knowledge, yet ;)
Dj Euro, nice music.

Ser said...

Thanks Bal for the correction. It was indeed a typo error. And btw. I am really fortunate, hubby has always (so far) remembered my birthdays, our wedding anniversary and the first day we met 17 years ago (plus there's always gifts and some nice quiet time scheduled on those important days.)

I count my blessings and grateful for that.