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I have done a lot of things in my life and have also worked in many different jobs to make a living and to experience life. This blog is just some of my musings, sometimes funny, sometimes inspirational, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes simple but all the time, it's just me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

You are my Christmas present

The tree is all trimmed now
The fireplace is aglow
And outside quiet streets
Are all covered with snow
So darling, let me tell you
On this day of days
Baby, you're my Christmas present
My Christmas past
My Christmas always.

In the night, church bells ring
Their message, a cheer
And somewhere canvassing
Soon Santa will be here;
And this I swear
As into your warm eyes I gaze
Baby, you're my Christmas present
My Christmas past
My Christmas always.

So, on this silent night
Let me hold you tight
And make you know
Just how good love can be
There's no gift of hope
And no treasure untold
That's as precious
As you are to me.

The stars twinkle on high
Our world is so fine
And I wish you Merry Christmas
And as you pour the wine
For you, this toast, my darling
As my glass I raise
Baby, you're my Christmas present
My Christmas past
My Christmas always

You're my Christmas always.

The Christmas song above by Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners is obviously dedicated to my wifey.

Wifey, you are my Christmas present, past and always. It matters not what gifts you get me, it matters that you care generously, you love generously and you give generously.

And to my readers, have a Blessed Christmas too. Presents are always accepted in this household.

But reading my blog and commenting if you like has always been a present to me, I am humbled and honored.

As my simple present to you, I will keep on writing although I did think of stopping especially in September 2010. September 2010 was a time when the writing nearly stopped but something inspired me to write on and I did and some how and some way, more people started paying attention. To that, I am humbled and forever grateful.

As Khalil Gibran said, "There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward."

Take care and be well.


anju said...

your sincere blogs are the christmas present for others...frnd

Ser said...

What did I say (I am just curious)...? Glad that you are still writing...God bless.

William said...

May God bless you during this Christmas.

Talha said...

Man that is so nice!!

CL said...

And your posts a present to me as a reader...Do keep writing, Nil.