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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Doggy Dog or Dog Eat Dog

Is it really a doggy dog world or is it a dog eat dog world.

Many people have said that it's a dog eat dog world, every man for himself.

A place where you either eat or get eaten. It refers to competition, and means that the world can be highly competitive.

But most of these people do not have a dog.

So, humans giving dog some bad rep by saying dog eat dog world to refer to their own competition and selfishness.

I rather live in a doggy dog world.

If you think dogs are fierce and bad and can attack people, please note that this dogs have been trained as such, they have been trained as guards or attack dogs.

In Malaysia, you will see many German Sheppards being trained as guard dog, but in reality, they are just farm or sheep dogs as the name suggests.

In a doggy dog world, every dog will know each other through unique distinct smells and everyone will know each other and will be wagging their tales away.

In a doggy dog world, the young dog will always respect the older dog, even if he is old, deaf, limp, big, small. The old man or woman gets the respect, no matter what.

A dog will scratch himself if he itches, anytime, anywhere.

A dog loves to play, always.

A dog can sleep in any position, at anytime on any floor.

A dog hardly ever complains.

A hungry dog will eat anything and will be grateful for any food that is given to him or her but they will not eat another dog.

A dog will always be grateful.

A dog will give you unconditional love.

And most of all, I've never seen a dog eat another dog. So how could it be a dog eat dog world? More like a cannibal world, where humans eat humans, kill humans, stab people in the back or shoot them in the head.

And wifey and I, and even my ole man, have changed our lives because of the dog in our world. Sometimes I wonder if I have taught him more things or if Al E has taught me more things. I am leaning towards him teaching me more things, humility, gratefulness, unconditional love and lots more.

For us it's definitely a doggy dog world and while people around us may be living in these "dog eat dog world", we have moved on to something better and more fun and more fulfilling.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Definitely Doggy Dog World. Our little fury fella have taught me more than I could have imagined so far - he is only 2 years by the way.
Dog gives us unconditional love - no anger, no sulky business etc. etc. Everything forgiven within seconds.
So, I guess some daft human who dislike dog(s) could have invented the term "Dog Eat Dog World". Personally,for me, it is "Human eat human world".
Only humans can be a big time jerk, sod, sulk a lot, kill each other (or other mammals) and capable of lots of other cruel stuff. Enough said.

Anna Goryunova said...

This is the most interesting muse I have ever read

x0xmarix0x said...

all have to say is you are so right......


Arif Zulhilmi Bin Abd Rahman said...

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