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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giving and receiving

It's a season for giving and some receiving,  but in this home, it's always a season for giving.

I grew up in a family where food was always in abundance no matter who came home unexpected, unannounced or uninvited. It did not matter, everyone was welcome and there was always sufficient food around.

Wifey had the same upbringing while her father was alive as her father was such a giver than even after his passing, many people remembered and recognised his giving. After his passing, I can only imagine that life would have got tougher for a mom who hailed from India with three young children, one being Down Syndrome.

Despite all these hardships, my mother in law brought up 3 wonderful daughters, 2 whom graduated from University and 1 that is just a joy to be with despite her challenges.

So, when wifey and I came together as a couple, we maintained our giving culture. As much as our time and finances allow, we donate our time and our money to charitable institutions.

Apart from that, we have had so many house parties and dinners for friends over the years.

When it comes time fro Christmas or birthdays, we will surely have a nice party to make the occasion more joyous.

Of course, sometimes we get a little frustrated that we never seem to get invited to things or we never receive as much as we give. But we very soon banish the thought from our minds.

We will always receive as long as we give. We give food, we receive joy and laughter. We give money, we receive gratitude. We give time, we receive joy.

So, giving giving giving has not made us any poorer but richer.

And having Al E, who just gives love and joy unconditionally 24/7/365 has just encouraged us that our life will continue to be one of giving and thus receiving.

Try it out for a change. If you are one of those that like to receive more than give, try to change. Have a party, celebrate something in life, donate your time to some needy institute or give some care to someone in need.

Try giving. And enjoy and be grateful for everything you will receive.

Take care and be well.


Paul said...

I am looking to receive in the next coming weeks, but will definitely start giving once my goal is achieved!

Ser said...

Giving should come from the heart.
If one decide to give, just give.

Blessings come in many forms.

Thus give (if you must) with a kind heart and without any expectation in the form of 'receiving' especially.

However, if you happen to receive without expecting, then accept with graciousness (however small or big the gift may be).

God bless.

Savak said...

Good article