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Monday, December 6, 2010

Five cents=5 sense,10 cents=10 sense,0 cents=nonsense,finance gone bonkers

Wifey likes to say nonsense especially to me quite a bit. So, in jest, I have started calling her five cents. And Al E ten cents.

See, if I have no sense i.e. no cents or nonsense, then I better hope others have more cents/sense then me.

So wifey is 5 cents, cause all her senses work well - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

I being nonsense, have no sense whatsoever sometimes what I am doing or saying or writing even, but sometimes it's happy being one without sense.

You see, if everyone in the world makes so much of sense, and this is what we have in the world, then I'd rather be the one without any.

So why is Al E ten cents or ten sense? I've always believed that animals and more so my boy has always had more sense than human beings. His sense of smell and hearing is phenomenal and his psychic sense and other telepathic senses are also very good. So, obviously he his higher than 5 cents.

So, we live in the house happily with two zero cents (the 2 men in the house), one five cents and one ten cents.

No wonder balancing the finances is such a difficult job ... after all, how to survive with just 15 cents.

Do you know that no matter how much you save, it seems never enough?

For example, you may have started saving for retirement when you were 25 and at that time a loaf of bread cost 60 cents. Being intelligent, you'd think the bread would cost maybe 2 or 3 times more by the time you retire, so you budget 1.80 for a loaf of bread for after you retire. And you do this for the rest of the essentials you will need.

So, every year you save money at a 3-5% interest rate, but the thing is, you are still 15 years aways from retirement and a loaf of bread is already more than 1.80 now.

So, what do you do?

Maybe you save more but then again, because housing prices, petrol prices, food prices and pretty much everything has gone up so high, you cannot save as much.

Then you dig yourself a nice hole by getting credit cards and personal loans.

Those were the days when a middle income person earning 3-5k a month could easily afford a decent house in KL. Nowadays, even houses in Cheras, Kepong and Puchong (which were all mostly jungles when I started working in 1991) are more than 700k for a decent property. What more places like Bangsar, Damansara, Subang, PJ?

My first car was a Nissan Sunny bought at 25k, a nice solid 1.3cc engine manual transmission car which had an absorber bumper still talked about today compared to the slotted in bumper that falls off with a slight bump. Forget the prices of cars.

Ten years ago, I used to buy roti canai for 50 cents, now, only 1 place I know still maintains that price whereas the rest are 1 dollar. When I was 15, it was 15 cents. I am not 100 now, but it is 100 cents.

Ten years ago, I would pump my car with 35 dollars worth of Petrol and would travel about 600 kilometres with it. Now, it requires me to pump about 110.

Ten years ago, companies that made something made money i.e. a manufacturer of some goods. Now, a fiance company that loans money to these manufacturer's at high interest rates as well as provide loans to all of us are the ones making money.

Well, the world is forever changing, but my 1Malaysia is changing ever so faster than the rest of the world. I guess we are in a different orbital cycle all together.

Oh well, sometimes it is better being nonsense.

I will have to keep things from a long time ago in my memories, just keep on believing in love and good things and lead a balance life. C'est la vie/That's life .... especially if people want to keep living in their Dog Eat Dog world but I'll be happy in my doggy dog world and continue doing what I do every night - which is to give love to every living thing in this whole wide world or ours.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

So you gripe...:P I guess we all need to every now and then. At least Ale do not gripe....he just takes all the nonsense that you gripe about without ever so complaining...That is why he's got to be ten cents or more!
Nonsense is so over rated :P

Nasir baek said...

so...i think you wrong...