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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top News

Most viewed:
• China dolls offer services via MMS
• Cabbie who raped passengers nabbed
• Specialist at Selayang hospital arrested over graft
• Sacked leader slams Samy Vellu
• I have faith in Tee Yong, says Najib

Most emailed
• Jogger falls victim to credit card swapping syndicate
• Oversupply of docs in 5 years, says Chua
• Specialist at Selayang hospital arrested over graft
• PM to look into scholarships
• Cabbie who raped passengers nabbed

This is the top news in the top English Malaysian newspaper.

I wonder why I have stopped reading news.

I skim through it. I see the headlines like above and skip it.

I "seriously" read the comics. How can you not laugh at classics like this:

And since the World Cup is coming, I do read the football news a little. Of course, a classic battle in the NBA finals between Boston Celtics and Los Angelus Lakers is one to watch out for as well.

But news, bah, I'll skip it, I have enough things to deal with in my own world.

Take care and be well.

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