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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There is this place, deep deep inside somewhere.

There are many rooms and many passageways leading to the different rooms.

Some rooms have a consistent flow of activity, in through one passage and door and out through another.

Some rooms remain empty.

Some passages rarely used.

But they exist.

And in their inactivity, they become dilapidated.

Bad things grow, they rot, fungus and moss on the walls, the floor of the passage cracks, weird animals start living there.

Some passages are imaginary, or an illusion. They exist, but sometimes you do not see it.

Some rooms are bright and shiny but no passages lead to it.

Or no passages that you can see.

There are passages where you use your other senses or you use your feeling to get to the room.

Some pathways stink like rotten flesh, or like the worst shit. Some rooms too. But this too have their purpose.

Finding the right path, one sometimes has to look within.

There will be people who help us every now and then and there will be people who hurt us or trick us to using the the wrong passageways.

But at the end of the day, you have to use your instincts. If you do end up on a wrong passageway or room, do not beat yourself up on it. There are reasons for everything. Lessons to be learned everywhere, in good and in bad.

Sometimes, in the stillness of mind, you get the answers you seek.

A friend forwarded me this quote taken from an excerpt from a book.

"The Voice of Silence is Supreme. It is Beyond All Levels of Consciousness and All Methods of Communication. Silence Will Give You What the World Cannot Give You."

Silence will give you a connection to God and silence will give you the answers you seek. The answers will just come as you sit silently in meditation and silence will set you free.

Take care and be well.

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