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Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday Nights

Friday nights are usually nights when a lot of people go partying.

Basically, people hang out with friends in pubs or clubs until wee hours of the morning.

Have "late night" suppers which are more like breakfasts at 4am or even later.

I was not much different, going out with one friend or another, spending and wasting money.

(Even if there is an abundance of wealth in the world, one should never abuse or waste it.)

The last time I went out on a Friday night was on 4 June.

I ended up paying for drinks (basically I am stupidly generous).

A bunch of us went to Cavells. It is a nice place and I do like listening to the bands there.

Problem is, we always drink too much, which means we spend to much.

About RM500 was spent the last time - and maybe RM130 collected. Now I know I drank quite a bit but for sure not RM370 worth.

Recently I had to go for some so called birthday party - supposedly drinks only. I was hungry so I ordered a pizza and when I was going to pay for my bill, I saw a bottle of wine was also put there with my pizza. I had 1 glass ... although others had it too ... plus I assumed drinks were paid for.

And I am one not to really harp on these things but these are somethings which bothered me, so I did harp on it and I did bring it up.

Yes, I am bringing it up again. Yes, I am stupidly generous.

But this blog is not about what happened. It is about what changed.

I changed.

I decided that I will continue to have a good time with friends but it will not happen on my expense.

I decided that I have better ways to enjoy life than go drinking and spending that much money on Friday nights - I don't earn that much and my plastic (credit cards) are beginning to melt.

I will continue to enjoy a few drinks every now and then, even go to Cavells for a few drinks, go to karaoke's (Red Box deal's are quite good with 2 beers and a decent buffet meal for RM50), go to kopitiam with beer and food sessions, hang out for coffee, go makan makan.

But it's likely not going to be on Friday nights.

My Friday nights are now filled with spending time to sit and chat and meditate and hang around with people who care and basically getting spiritual ... to believe, to trust, to accept to seek forgiveness.

I have not become all religious or crazy.

But I am truly having fun times on Friday nights, sitting around, chatting, joking, talking about football, politics and anything under the sun but then meditating, being closer to God, and late night supper (not breakfast at 4am but supper at 11pm).

Monday to Thursday nights, I can go out do the other things.

My Friday nights are booked - of course unless I am on vacation.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Noted. Friday's so booked. Even wifey cannot do anything about it. Nonetheless, very happy for you that you finally realise that so many friendly 'characters' take advantage of you (Note: Including those who's earrings are in foreign currency but mostly take advantage of you. ALWAYS, even in the past, even 10 donkey years ago.
Finally, my prayers answered and the divine ALMIGHTY up there decided enough is enough and decided to show you a proper path in life...) I am not implying that you should instead become stingy but make it clear to the rest of the group when going out. Speak up nicely. You can do it. Tell the bartender to have separate bills.

Ser said...

Btw. you are not STUPIDLY generous...just too kind that the generation of people that you hang out with of late have been taking you for granted whether for emotional needs or whatever.....Sometimes these characters are so darn IGNORANT that their respective guests are the one who's ripping you off... All these characters and their so called guests do not have 'face' (no shame especially all the bloody young Caucasians under 30 who is on their respective so called crusade of adventure!!!) Like what Patrick would say, NIAMAH!

Nil said...

As mentioned in the blog, it's about change, basically me changing to be a better person. What has happened is the past and not something I am able to change. But what I can change is my thoughts and my actions NOW so that I become a better person. My Friday activity in no way is going to change or stop me from having fun on other days.