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Thursday, June 10, 2010

If by chance...

There is this plaque that my dad has had for many many years. I think since my primary school days.

I will write what is on the plaque soon but under the plaque, my dad has typed and pasted these words, "Read, Think, Give A Seriouse(sic) Thought, And Apply in Your Daily Life."

Very simple words on the plaque, somewhat common sense even, but many people over the years have been critical of the plaque. I could not understand why.

As the plaque reads:-

I do my thing,
and you do
your thing.

I am not in
this world
to live up
to your

And you are
not in this
world to live
up to mine.

You are you
and I am I,

And if by
we find
each other,

it's beautiful.

Life is beautiful when people meet.

Companionship is about a union of people with compassion and passion sailing together one one ship to some destination, through the storms and high winds and calm seas.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

bal said...

hmmm...That's really deep. So many many times i tie myself in knots trying to be someone i am not and trying to live up to some others idea of what a successful man, or husband, or friend, or ... well, of a human being is.

I have spent YEARS untying those very knots i tied, and finding myself, myself, as i am. And discovering, hell, i'm not soooo bad after all.