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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'Till nineteen

The left handed kinddie teacher, John in kinddie, the milkman, the gardener, the husband and wife school bus drivers.

First friend in Standard 1 was Thomas T, Headmaster was Anthony, 1 Merah, Aussie Teacher teaching how to throw a boomerang, Jambu Air next to school and Upland girls.

Police and thieves, gymnastics, gardening, Japanese soldiers chopping head stories, and 5 cents cordial drinks.

Asterix and Obelix, Tin Tin and his adventures, a strict library teacher who slapped me, and glass thermos.

Autograph books, sports day, BCG injection, school dentist and playing marbles, S and wearing shorts.

Sleeping Buddha’s , nice Malay neighbours, Uncle Looi and nice Dewali parties and fire-works.

Uncle Jetpuria with a cake in hand to celebrate my 5th birthday, drumsticks growing on a tree which we used as our light sabers.

A physics teacher nicknamed Botak, a biology teacher with a nasal twang and Mrs Ooi and Mrs Linda Ho were the best teachers I’ve had.

Brother Casimir, the priest in a white robe was the principal, Colin and other disciplinary teachers and a wonderful art teacher named Michael.

Many friends lost over the years, many found in Facebook, many remembered and some departed like Babu in Canada.

Primary in St Xavier’s Branch, secondary in an Institution, being a break monitor and a librarian.

Clubs here and there, UNESCO club, this club and that club.

Curry Puff with pickled onions and 20cents for a plate of Mamak Mee and 15 cent roti canai.

Convent girls, big field across the road, being boxed in the stomach in front of tennis court and playing “sepak” or dodge ball with shoes.

A trip to KL, Melaka and Singapore – some things were nice, some were not but we were 14.

RAAF Radio, Color television, P.Ramlee movies, Pontianak and and Amitabh Bachan movies in Rex theatre.

Sunday picnics, Bangkok Lane mamak mee, learning Pascal and Cobol in Tan Mark and making electronic led boards.

Penang Hill, Gurney Drive, Batu Ferringhi, Botanical Gardens, Youth Park and hiking to Muka Head.

Haunted brother’s bungalow, haunted beaches, ghost stories and hantu kum kum.

Doing badly in SPM, supportive parents, going off to KL to KDU.

Many friends, many enemies, many parties and house at No 5 and Spot the dalmation.

No internet, no good libraries, but Wong Hoi Cheong, David, Annie Khoo and many others taught us.

Trip to Port Dickson, trip to Genting, Mimaland are all now memories.

That was life until nineteen.

Many friends come and go, many friends remain, many friends are forgotten.

Some were nice and some were not.

But these memories will remain. Those were the growing pains, those were the developing years.

Life is a wonderful thing, life is beautiful, life is life and life happens.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

lol, i'm feeling so nostalgic!

Anonymous said...

Annie Khoo ...as in the College Damansara Utama lecturer ?

Nil said...

Anonymous - yes. Btw, this blog was months ago and comment only now???

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH , just saw this . Annie Khoo is my mum . I was googling her name for fun . XD

Nil said...

Dear anonymous, send my heartiest greetings and love to your mom Annie Khoo. I remember her fondly and if not for her, I'll not have had a degree. I'm doing great now and I cherish my wonderful teachers in life like your mom

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH . my mum says hi and wishes you well ! =D