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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life in KL

It has been barely 2 weeks since getting back to KL.

On arrival, of course Al E who had not seen me for a month was all over me.

On the Sunday, met up with a close friend for dinner and on Monday was off to work in Cyberjaya.

Like any first day of work in any new organization, there are the first day blues.

I am supposed to be on moving leave still but decided to go to work on Monday rather than Tuesday.

And as in any new place, there is a slight cultural adjustments that you have to get used to.

However, thanks to living in Bangsar and the new Maju Expressway, getting to work is generally quite a breeze.

In the last 10 days of so, I have already worked from the hotel for 3 days due to late calls - basically I work The Netherlands times when I work from home, so basically from 2pm until 11pm.

The Internet connection in the hotel is generally good but at home it is quite unpredictable.

I do certainly miss Miri but it is really good to be back home with the family.

On Monday, had a wonderful dinner with friends (ex Boss and wife whom both wifey and me would now consider friends).

Some minor construction/renovation is ongoing in the house and still waiting for the container to arrive. Not really in a rush and as such have not called the movers about it yet. Let them do their job and call me when they are ready and this time, I will demand they come as per my convenience, not theirs.

This Transition in my company has been very interesting and I am certain if I can combine all the reactions and experiences of all the people especially in regards to our experiences with HR, I can write a novel that will rival War and Peace.

Dealing with HR is also like War and Peace, in the end they are the Gods anyways.

People here tend to start work later. I arrived for work at 8am on Monday and nobody was around. People start to trickle in after 9am.

It also took a week to get my security card to work for the office gates.

All in all, still adjusting and been busy working.

Walking with Al E and wifey in the mornings and evenings is as always wonderful.

My mind has got busy with all the projects I have been doing. And unfortunately, until now, I have not had the mood nor inspiration to write a blog entry.

I will promise to write a little more often but possible not as often as in Miri.

Until then, as usual ....

Take care and be well.


macK said...

good to see you starting to write again!

Ser said...

Ummm....welcome back.

Now dun start on me and my blog ya!