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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Malaysia University - USM

I just deduced from what I read in the newspaper today that USM (University Sains Malaysia) is the best Malaysian institute of higher learning in this country.

This even when compared to all the multiple localised and private institutes of higher learning that have mushroomed in Malaysia.

Now why do I deduce this?

You see, in the newspapers today, there was an article of an Iraqi doctorate student from USM pleaded not guilty to a charge of reckless driving which ended up killing another person.

This Iraqi student - who is studying to be a PhD, a doctorate degree, in USM pleaded not guilty through an interpreter.

An interpreter was used because this 45 year old Iraqi could not speak English or Malay and therefore an Arabic interpreter was used.

What has this got to do with USM being top university?

Well, it would seem that USM now offers doctorate degrees in multiple languages including Arabic.

Also, Penang has become so advanced that all the restaurants, road signs, banking facility etc etc is now available in Arabic.

Either that or this guy is so freaking rich that he has hired an interpreter to even go to his classes and do translation for his doctorate dissertation.

But then if he is so freaking rich, why attend USM right?

I have had a few friends who attended USM and they had to do all their dissertation in wonderful Bahasa Malaysia.

In fact most of the wonderful lecturers in USM can barely speak English.

So, when an article that shows that a doctorate student who cannot speak English and Malay is in USM - I am just flabbergasted.

Our education system must really be going in the right direction.

But it is likely that this Iraqi has got Muhammad Muhammad Taib as advisor. For those who forgot MMT or Mike Tyson, our ex Selangor Chief Minister who "speaks no Engrish" as per his famous case in Australia.

Well, all you buggers and bloody justice system, a person got killed because of this fella's reckless driving - he better start speaking some Engrish or Malay - and we better get some justice.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Am still gobsmacked about this incident..............how the heck did USM accept this Iraqi student. Dahlah tak boleh cakap bahasa 'Engrish'apatah lagi Bahasa Melayu...
Well, that is why this country is called 'Bolehland'!