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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bitter Sweet

"Dude, you have a tattoo. Sweet. What does mine say?"

"Dude. What does mine say?"



Anyways, I was reading the free newspaper today and for a while now we have been hearing Malaysians have a sweet tooth and consume a lot more sugar than the average recommended amount of daily sugar intake.

I for sure like sweet stuff but do not generally intake a lot of sugar on a daily basis.

It is claimed that Malaysian take about 51 grams of sugar a day or about 7 teaspoons in our drinks.

I for sure do not have that many sweet drinks a day but I guess they are taking an average.

So, what is the average?

This is where the article is not entirely clear on its story.

The average it quotes is 50 grams a day.

So, Malaysians are only eating 1 gram more? What is the big deal, right?

You have to keep reading to note understand that Malaysians are taking the average total amount just in their drinks.

It does not tell us how much sugar we consume in food etc. on a daily basis.

But just extrapolating for the drinks, let's say we double it up. Then an average Malaysian takes about 100 grams a day, which is double the recommended amount.

3 kilo's of sugar a month, 36 kilos of sugar a year. A population of say 27 million, means about 1 billion kilos of sugar consumed in Malaysia.

That is 1,000,000,000 kilograms of sugar consumed by Malaysians in a year.

Can this be right?

No wonder GLC Felda took over the sugar distribution in Malaysia from Robert Kuok and no wonder the government immediately raised price of sugar.

We do not need GST in Malaysia, we just need the monopolistic GLC's to raise the price of goods or services they supply and the government will be filthy rich, rich enough for the 1st Lady to go on a 100 million shopping spree in Europe again.

Imagine water price went up, electricity price went up, sugar price went up, petrol price went up ...

What other GLC's do we have?

I think Malaysia is a rich country, but yet we are spiraling into oblivion. We should be richer than Singapore but yet their currency is stronger.

What happened to all out wealth?

Well obviously gone into shopping sprees, corruption etc etc.

And yet, the income tax sends me a legal court notice to pay up on some minuscule profit I made in some house I sold when they did not even reply to my lawyers letter 3 years back.

Yet again, Satu Malaysia, teras panduan, PTUI.

Take care and be well.


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