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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More expensive hotels

Now our PM is singing the same stupid song that the tourism minister did a few months ago .... that 5 star hotels should charge higher rates because tourist are happy to pay a higher price.

Apparently, lower prices leave them wondering if the hotels are really 5 star hotels.

People come to visit us because we are cheap.

IT industry and other industry set up shop here because we are cheap.

The maufacturing industries set up shop here because we were cheap and many left because we became expensive.

If a consultant or a PMP certified project manager was to charge the same rate as one with similar experience in Europe or US, companies would not want our so called K workers.

If hotels started charging >1000 ringgit per room, which is what 5 star hotels in Europe or US charge, people will have no reasons to visit Malaysia.

Currently, having cheaper hotels gives the opportunity for "poorer" Europeans to enjoy 5 star service in Malaysia because it is affordable.

I have had friends come to Malaysia from Europe and stayed in our cheap 5 star hotels and they came back again because it was cheap.

I seriously do not know who these 1Malaysia useless government is trying to cater to - probably to all the rich Arabic terrorists like Osama and his followers or supporters who have made Malaysia a tourist destination.

They tend to forget that the tourist will gladly go to Thailand, Indonesia, or any other South East Asian countries that has similar things to offer the tourist that do come here.

Already Penang was destroyed as a tourist destination by the government and made into a industrial island full of pollution and traffic jams; now destination rest of Malaysia.

God bless us all.

Take care and be well.

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