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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our little adventure in Shah Alam

Yesterday morning, Wifey, Mack (who came down from her attic) and I went to this place in Shah Alam called SkyTrex Adventure and we sure did get ourselves into an adventure for sure.

We were going out with a few other people and duly arrived there as we were told at 11am and our adventures supposed to have started at 11:30. However, the organizing committee showed up a little late, so the 3 of us had a nice ice cream from those traditional ice cream vendors.

When the other 3 of the adventure party showed up, we were informed we would have to wait another hour or so because we were waiting for another 2 people.

Finally, the 2 more showed up and we took the bus ride to the adventure place.

The other party had booked us for the Extreme Challenge when I would have gladly done the Little Adventure. I was not feeling extremely well with my Vertigo acting up and room spinning in the morning (some days it feels like my head is spinning like Linda Blair in Exorcist but it is more the room spinning).

As we got out gloves and water packs and locker keys, the Brit's friend had given us Boots Repel Extra Strength Insect Repellent Spray to spray on ourselves.

After spraying it, I and wifey felt a little itchy but Mack immediately had a allergic reaction with arms and face going all red and puffy.

We went to to bathroom to immediately wash it out but her condition just got worse.

So, we went to our friends and told them that we (wifey and I) were going to take Mack quickly to a medical center and we needed the culprit (insect repellent) as evidence that could maybe help the doctor.

We also went to the management to see if we can get someone to drop us off to our car using their personal car as waiting for the bus may take too long.

The management was super nice to get one of their staff in his little car to drop us right by our Hyundai.

In this chaos of getting help and being concerned for Mack's well being, I did not hear what the Brit said.

As per wifey and Mack, he informed Mack, "Make sure you return the insect repellent. It is not available here, it's from the UK."

If I had heard this (which I did not), I would have told this bloody Brit to go f... himself and shove the bloody repellent to his face.

Some people seem to be more concerned about products than well being of people. Such is the materialistic world that we live in.

In Miri, many a times when I have been sick, Mack, Kupps or Datuk or any of the friends would gladly come no matter what they were doing to help a friend who was truly in need. Especially in medical emergencies or medical concerns.

The same way wifey and I were concerned yesterday so it was really disheartening to here these sort of statements.

Anyway, our adventure in SkyTrex ended before we even started.

But the adventure did not end there.

Being unfamiliar with Shah Alam, I just drove out to find the nearest clinic or medical center and we ended up in Pusat Rawatan Darul Ehsan (Darul Ehsan Medical/Treatment Center) and told them it was an emergency.

I even parked my car in the emergency box.

Mack was duly put in the room immediately but we could not follow.

Apparently she was given a jab of Piriton which in her own words could even knock off an elephant. She was knocked out and was sleeping in a bed in the emergency room.

After a while, we asked the guy who put her in the room what was the situation and he informed us that she was sleeping but we could go in one at a time.

Of course I do not heed the advice and follow wifey in the room at the same time.

Mack was just getting up but still groggy but doctor said she could leave but not drive for a while.

So we came back to my house where she slept it off again and I went to buy some food and ice cream for all.

By the time I got back, there was a science experiment going on to make coffee in the new machine wifey got.

We all ate a late lunch.

Then relaxed a little before heading off for a walk with Al E.

After which Deb, Mack's lil sista came and picked her up, lepak for a while.

Mack is much better now but it was quite a scare for all three of us but all is well now.

Still disheartened about materialistic people who care more about a £6.59 insect repellent than they would for their friends. Wish Boot's made a repellent for this sort of human insects.

But that is our adventures. We have not given up on SkyTrex, we will return, but hopefully this time with a group that is closer knit.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

something that we can look back and laugh at, so much for facing our fears. this was genuinely scary! thanks u two and thanks to dr nadia too! but it ended well, had a good lunch, walked al-e and had 3 scoops of ice cream!

Ser said...

It was good that Angie got better...
Sometimes in these unfortunate circumstances that we normally get to see some ppl's true colours!
Yes, macK, I can laugh about it and laugh with you but when it comes to the comments passed on by that fella, I laugh with a pinch of sarcasm!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said for today!

Anonymous said...

But did you return the spray?

Nil said...

The spray is wrapped up in CSI evidence bag and with Mack n will be returned to the Brit. I wish I could do the same to the Brit, return him to the hell he came from.

Ser said...

A friend told me that Boots counter is now available both in Thailand & Singapore and her remarks about blog (via my email) "tak payah balik negara sendiri, boleh dapat dekat/seberang sahaja".