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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Steps to break free

Today I will be continuing to write about breaking free and specific steps to take to break free of worries. First, let us start with rearranging our mental landscape.

First, make a list of what you dwell on the most. Identify what you think about when you worry. Listen to your internal self. Take note of your thoughts. Allow yourself only a specific and limited time to worry and then move on.

Once you are in routine of this, spend some time to analyse each thought. Why do you feel this thought, what is the evidence for it, is it likely to happen, has it happened before and do you really believe it will ever happen? If the answer is mostly no, cross this off the list with a big red marker pen.

The third thing you do is ask what is the worst thing that could occur? Once you have this, plan out how to mitigate this and handle this. What actions to take to minimise the effect and write it down what needs to be done.

When you write your worries and the possible actions you may take, try to write them in two columns so that the new thoughts form a positive outcome.

After this, stop thinking too much about the worst thing that could happen and start to imagine the best thing that could happen.

Finally, meditate, relax the body, mind and soul and talk to your soul and your guardians to seek help and ask if there was another way to let go of a particular worry or concern and be open and ask if there is some other advice that you need to hear.

Believe you can change.

When mental programming becomes negative, you have a tendency to exist on a fear-based world which in turn will create fear based thoughts such as "What do other people think of me?; "I am going to fail"; "It is too late for me." and "I will make the same mistake again."

Each one of these syndromes can become a major limiting factor in your daily life especially f you choose to let it.

The steps to break free of  "What others think of me" syndrome are as follows:
  • Have trust and faith in your own self - body, mind and soul and it is only your opinion that  matters.
  • Meditate and visualise a a healthy image of you.
  • Work on confidence and your self esteem. The more self esteem and confidence you have, the more powerful you ill become.
  • Surround yourself with friends who are not always talking bad about someone else. Remember, people who talk bad about others behind their backs may be talking bad about you as well behind your back.
  • It is your life, you set the pace and live your life and let others live theirs. Do not let others set the pace.
  • When meeting new people or attending a function, say a good positive affirmation. You can say something like, "Wherever I go, there are friends there." There are always plenty of people who will accept you as you are.
  • Pay somebody a compliment and make someone feel good. Maybe the individual will turn around and do the same.
And steps to break free from "I am going to fail" syndrome:
  • Work on letting go of past beliefs, fears, hang-ups. Start having positive conversations with yourself, the divine soul within yourself.
  • Believe that you can rather than you can't.
  • Stay focused on your goals and aspirations. Your dreams and your wishes.
  • Write your experiences in your journal and get them out of your head.
  • You are a winner. Think of yourself as one and not as a loser. Believe in yourself and once your start to do this, you will be surprised how much others will start believing in you.
  • Believe in success. Think about things you can succeed in and your mind will start to figure out solutions to ensure you succeed.
  • Visualise and feel yourself achieving positive outcome and living a life that you will love.
  • Give every opportunity your best shot, your best effort and do it for the highest good.
Some people, including myself sometimes feel it is too late for me to achieve certain things, especially in my career as I am now above forty and I have definitely started to adopt the following steps for me to break free of  "It is too late for me" syndrome.
  • Adopt an attitude that it is never too late. Nothing is ever too late. After all, the founder of KFC only founded the fast food fried chicken outlet at a very late age under interesting circumstance.
  • Try something new every day. You are never to old to try something new, be it a new road or some new drink or food.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Don't listen listen to others if they say you are too old. If you are passionate, irrespective of your age, you can achieve your goals.
  • Associate with doers rather than talkers.
  • Enroll in some class or learn something that you have always wanted to join. In the past couple of years, I have learned ballroom dancing, I have learned Pilates, I have become a Reiki master, I am an animal communicator, I am now learning Internal Martial Arts Meditation and I  plan to start Spanish classes with wifey soon.
  • Refuse to let your excuses hinder your potential experiences.
  • Do not live a life of regrets. Too many of us have way too many regrets. Let go of your past regrets and start living the life you want, a life without regrets.
Sometimes we do not do a certain thing fearing that we will continue to make the same mistake again. So, it is also important for us to break free of the "I will make the same mistake again" syndrome by doing the following:
  • You are human in this life, and while your soul is eternal, your human self will sometimes make mistakes. Give yourself permission to err from time to time.
  • Learn from the mistake and try not to repeat the mistakes. Turn down the volume of the super-ego monkey chatters. Learn to accept being wrong without beating yourself up.
  • Take any feedback positively, learn from it rather than getting angry, agitated or upset with feedback.
  • Listen to your intuition, listen to you inner self, your divine soul cause the soul will always guide you into the right way, so have faith and trust yourself.
  • Learn from other peoples mistakes and incorporate them to avoid similar mistakes.
  • Laugh at some of your mistakes, rather than beating yourself up.
  • Journal your error, what have you learned from them and what steps have you taken.
Be positive and believe you can change. Take the steps above and start your journey of breaking free.

Thank you and I love you.

Take care and be well.

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One Woman's Thoughts said...

I think I will copy your words of wisdom and keep them so I can read them again and again when I need reassurance.
Negativity of oursleves seems to grow like a weed when we nurture it.
Thank you for nudging me in the the positive direction again as I was leaning the other way too much as of late.