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Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting down to business ....

It is impossible to be present if you’re trapped in personal history. And what, after all, is the difference between the past and a dream?
— Ram Dass

I have not written for a few days, mainly since last Wednesday because there was some unwanted and relatively negative news I received from work on Tuesday and also I was on leave from
Now is time to get down to business. As I near the end of my journey to give my divine soul back the power to control my current bodily life, I have started to cut ties and clean out my mental closet.

This will enable me to start soul living.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, you are going to have to cut some ties with the past.

This ties that have become the limiting factors that constantly hold you back. They are the ties that could be causing blockages preventing  your soul from experiencing and learning.

Many of us sometimes require help to cut these ties and a lot of help is available when you really look and when you are ready.

If you really want to know where this help is available in Malaysia, send me an email and I can direct you to a few good trusting people that I am aware of.

As our soul learns from our experiences, we end up taking these lessons through our lives, but many of us are held back by the legacies of the past. When this past retains such strong hold on the present, it will often be so strong that it is enough to derail the strongest of us.

Until we make conscious decision to cut ties with whichever legacy we are dealing with, it will continue to influence our lives and control it.

Here is a Ninja meditation method that you can use to cut ties. You can also modify it to your needs.

The Ninja warriors had a meditation before they went into battle. This meditation is an adaptation of this technique that I have taken from another source:

Close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and see yourself with someone you have made a promise to in the past and who, through this gesture, you still feel attached to, even though the relationship itself has ended.

In this image, see yourself and the other person sitting together in an empty room. Within this room you (but not the other) also sit within a spiral of protective energy that separates you both.

Look at your bodies and you will see that strands of energy connect you, from your body to his or hers. Notice where these strands connect. This will show you the deeper relationship that existed between you. Is it a heart connection? Sexual? Of the mind?

Notice also if there is a discrepancy in where these strands connect (e.g., do they leave your body at the heart but connect to his at the head?). This can suggest where miscommunication is taking place in your relationships or provide insight into where and how your power is taken by others.

If you have Reiki, you will be able to visualise this when you do Reiki and connect to the chakra rainbow colors.
When you are ready, say whatever needs to be said to the person in front of you, speaking out loud, so you can forgive or make amends, accept that person’s forgiveness, finish your business together, take back your promises, and say goodbye.

When the time is right, you will see in your hand a sword you can use to cut the ties of energy between you.

Breathe in as you do so to reclaim the power that was yours. This does not hurt the other or you; you are simply cutting through energy.

As you free them and yourself from the past, watch the other person drift away from you, becoming more distant until they fade away completely.

Gently open your eyes and say out loud “I am free” and commit to that sentiment.

Repeat this exercise for 21 days for each person you would like to cut ties with and in which you feel you gave away your power.

As for cleaning out your mental closet, either start doing some soul connection and inner martial arts meditations to connect to your life force, the soul that is you and just start to believe in yourself and start thinking positive.

Do not let the psychological cancer to spread and tell yourself you are wrong or you are stupid or dumb or a lesser person. Just because someone is connected to their inner selves, their guardians and may portray themselves to be a guru ... remember that the biggest guru or master you will ever have in your life is your soul, your life force, your inner self. You do not need any guru, you are the guru.

We are all more alike than most of us dare realize. You and me, we are no different. Do not feel compassion for me cause I am no lesser than you and you are no lesser than me. Once we are one, we are connected and we will always be equals.

Take care and be well.


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