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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Journey of the soul

The journey of the soul, the chi, the atma. Everything is on its way to somewhere, everyone is on the way to somewhere, even the soul is on a journey to somewhere.

Think about it. Even a drop of rain falls, filling up the lakes, rivers, streams and eventually back to the ocean and it vaporises and ends up in a cloud and becomes a drop of rain again.

Like a drop of rain, we are.
Like a stream flowing, we are.
Like a waterfall gushing down, we are.
Like the ocean, we are.
Like the vapor, we are.
Like the clouds filled with rain, we are.
We are simply passing through.
We are perpetually moving.
We are constantly evolving.
We are advancing with grace.
We are changing.
We are constantly moving.
We, the soul of you, the soul of I.
We are constantly on the move.

As a soul, you are constantly evolving and advancing with grace and humility on your way to somewhere. In each lifetime, you will absorb all its memories and emotions as well as unique personality into your soul. And the soul will eventually journey back to where you originated - the spirit world. Your soul does not have an end .... life is continuous.

Every decision you have made in your past life and every decision you have made in this life and every decision you will continue to make in the present and the future will be vital to your soul's journey in the future.

The soul know where the soul will go and the soul will guide and steer you in the direction that it needs to for the highest good. Just trust.

The soul of you is a powerful magnet continually drawing in the conditions that it needs in order to learn, thrive, evolve. Trust that your soul knows what is best as your journey unfolds. Slow down at times, listen and acknowledge the wisdom from within that is showing up and guiding you in your outside world.

Take care and be well.

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Tabish Wahid said...

excellent....... Keep it up.