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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My body, my soul, my life but whose choices?

All my life, I have trudge along this road, many choices have been made for me.

But it is my life, in this current bodily form where my divine soul resides for the moment. And it is my choice with the guidance of the divine self, with the guidance of God and his guardians and angels ... to help me make these tough decisions and daily choices.

We all begin to make choices since we are young. Even as babies, we decide what we like to eat and what we will spit out.

When growing up, you choose to wear whatever clothes you put on.

Some of the daily choices do not require much thinking, and have become entrenched into the daily routine.

For me, get up in the morning, do the 3S (Shit, shave, shower), brush my teeth and put clothes on. You do not even have to really think of it.

But why do we find it so difficult to make real life choices.

Wherever I am right now at this very moment, I am here because I took myself here. Every decision I have made in this life and some even in my previous life has brought me to this point.

Life has its challenges, its suffering but it is the choices that I have made that lead to the challenges and the sufferings and it is the decisions  that I made while facing the challenges and suffering is what has brought me to this point in my life where there is no longer suffering but a clear sense and conscience of understanding.

There are many different roads that have been taken on the souls journey, many forked roads, many challenges that have been taken on my soul's journey.

Sometimes I have allowed people to influence or accelerate the journey and sometimes I have even allowed people to throw it completely off course. But in recent times, my awareness has increased enough that I know who are those helping me and who are those just waiting to throw me off the course.

It is only when I started taking responsibility for my life and the choices that I made that I began in to the power of my real divine self, my soul. It is only when I started making decisions for myself that I increased my own intuition.

Have no disillusions. I still ask for advice but I no longer accept advice blindly even if I solicited the advice. I ask myself if the decision I plan to make is the right decision and somehow the answer is always there.

By relying on my soul and my guardians, I am no longer a victim of circumstances and I have the will and power to change my own life.

It is always also my choice what kind of a day I want. I have been having bad and crappy days some days in the past week because I chose to have crappy days. I let a decision that was beyond my direct influence and reacted to that decision in not a positive way. If it was a decision within my control, it would have been easier. But some others made a decision that I was not qualified ... and they have the right to make that assumption. What I should have continued doing was make my own choice based on the outcome of theirs. I should have made my own choice to continue being happy and work out a proper exit strategy.

From today onwards, I want to get up in the morning smiling and making a decision as soon as I open my eyes that I am going to have a fabulous and happy day. I will start my day positive. And if any negative thoughts come my way, I will just turn it around into a positive. And mind you, our minds are not exactly like real magnets where 2 negatives make a positive. Our minds, two negatives just continue multiplying exponentially.

Anyway, by smiling and giving out positive vibes, there is bound for positive things to come to you.

Trusting my intuition, that feeling in my gut, that voice from my soul, from my guardian, from God has assisted me in making decisions.

I am using my intuition more and more, on a daily, hourly basis. When I have a choice to make, especially when the answer is just between two or three, I imagine myself taking the road of that particular decision. One at a time, I try each of the roads and feel intuitively which of the roads makes me feel good, makes it feel right ... and that is using my intuition to make decisions.

I have decided firmly that I am going to start teaching Reiki. I not have a place, I do not have students, I do not have the materials printed yet, I do not know when .... but I am changing all the do not to will ... I will have a place, I will have students, I will have materials printed, I will know when.

I also have started to listed t my heart. That pitter-patter. I just intuitively in my heart know whether a decision I make is good or it is not. I look beyond the surface and let my heart decide whether a person is good or not.

Yes, not everyone is good. Everyone can be good but that is a choice the have to make themselves. The serial acid splasher has obviously some issues ... no different from a rapist or a murderer and they are not good and they will not be forgiven easily but they can decide to change themselves. It is their life, their choice.

I have made some bad choices in my life as we all surely have. I learn from my mistakes and I do my best not to repeat the same bad choice or judgement again. I have made peace with the poor decisions from my past. And I will continue to make good decisions from now forth. I will choose wisely and my regrets will be few.

I am soul.
I have unlimited potential.
I know step into my power, and I appreciate all of me.
The Divine Source flows in me, through me, and from me.
I can achieve anything I want.
I now know myself as I really am.
I own my power.
I am power.
I am soul, I am power, I am.

I pause and ask myself, my heart, my intuition, my soul before I act. The goodness in me acknowledges the goodness in all and may goodness in all acknowledge the goodness in me.

I am touching and improving myself and everything I do and every choice I make is mine alone but also in the highest good.

You, yes you, the person reading this ... The soul that is I loves you and thanks you.

Take care and be well.

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thanks to the god who created the writer in you...........Hoponopo...........