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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh the places I will go!

When in Siem Riep, I went to see Angkor Wat and all the other Angkor temples.

When in Rome, I went to see the Vatican, the Pantheon and many other sites.

When in Egypt, I went to see the Giza Pyramids and other temples.

When in New Zealand, I went to see Milford Sound.

When in South Africa, many things I went to see, including the Kimberly Hole, Cape Point, Table Mountain and the big 5 in a safari.

When in Maldives, I went to see the wonderful undersea kingdom.

When in Miri, I went to see Gua Niah, Lambir Hills.

When in Sabah, I went to see Mount Kinabalu.

When in Sydney, I went to the beaches and Sydney and Darling Harbours.

When in New York, many things I went to see which Statue of Liberty was one of them.

When in Pisa, I went to the leaning tower.

When in Venice, I went on a gondola ride.

When in Bali, I saw everything including Tanah Lot, Bersakih and other temples.

When in Amsterdam, I went to see the museums and canals.

When in Milan, I went shopping and saw the Duomo and saw the great supper.

When in Paris, I went up the Eiffel Tower and many other things.

When in Orlando and Anaheim, I went to Disney.

I have been many places and seen many things in my life but hardly have I seen everything.

Some of the places are not cheap to go in, some have different entrance fees, some are free.

Apart from seeing places, I meet people, I sit by a cafe and watch the world pass by me.

If I was in Moscow, I'll go see the Red Square.

In Washington, the White House and the other monuments.

In Jogjakarta, the Borobudur temples.

In Beijing, the Great Wall and Forbidden Palace.

In Delhi/Agra, the Taj Mahal.

In Mumbai, the Elephanta caves.

In Rio, the statue of Jesus Christ.

In Peru, Machu Pichu and the Nascar lines.

In Morocco, Casblanca.

There are many things I will go see.

Oh the places I will go.

I will not, could not say no.

Free it may be or fee may they charge.

I may not like or it may be nice.

I will go and I will see.

Oh such wonders there are in the world.

Of what I have seen and yet to see.

My journey is still long and sweet.

These places I will go and many more which I have yet to see.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

I will do the same and have done the same.
Like there is a saying "If you are in Rome do like the Romans"....even if you are not too happy and your principle may differ.

Maturity is about putting aside your personal 'bible' (or some refers to as principle or having a set of principles etc.).

I will definitely not announce to the world that I am 'proudly' happy that I have not visited a so-called place or venue in the world just because I am treated differently or be expected to pay a higher rate whatsoever.

(NOTE: Please take note that I have blantantly been called coloured or subtly called coloured just because I can afford a 5 STAR train ride in South Africa by some bloody Caucasians.)

The issues with these selected Caucasians (and sometimes the general lot of them) is that it is okay and alright for them to say that Aseans or coloured people is so corrupted or maybe practise double-standards. Low & behold if we were to tell them back. I have told them back and couldn't care less. Some are still acquantance of mine. Some have become friends who respect my strong views. Some accept the difference without really accepting ...mostly Dutch ;) and others just no longer talk and have slowly and subtly cut all ties.

Oh well, such is life. Cest la vie.

Lastly, I rather have close friends who do not judge me for each every comment that I make but take it with a pinch of salt and just grow up!!

bal said...

There was a time not too long ago that i would really envy a well traveled person. These days, when i look back at my trip to Milford sound, or britain, i say ''oh, yes, nice''. But i get more joy from a memory of a particularly nice cup of coffee i had while sitting watching the rain sweep down, especially if someone just cut the grass that day. Fresh cut grass and rain rain rain, MMMM, heavens, what a smell!! The only exception is Nepal. The memory of nepal is 'Zapp' etched in my minds eye. I would go back to Nepal right now. Drop everything, take jacket, shoes, money, passport and go. now.
You must see Nepal. Soon.


Nil said...

With epic blog comments like this, you two need to write blogs. I'll go places and I will see things but simple pleasures like an ice cream cone, hugging a friend or loved one, walking in rain, playing coconut soccer with al e, sleeping on the beach or the wonderful curry puff with pickled onions sold over the school gate will remain among many favorite things. But if I go somewhere, I will see things and not gripe too much about entrance fees or crowds or heat or cold or rain or not.

Ser said...

I have blogs and yes, I do write...so stop gripping about long comments. You have the choice of not publishing should you wish to do so.