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Friday, May 28, 2010

Let the past be, let the future come, be present now.

There is nothing like a dream
to create a future.
There is nothing like hope.
There is nothing like a wish.
There is nothing like pure love,
Pure joy and pure happiness.

We plant many seeds in our mind.
We plant many thoughts in our minds.
In a day, we are exposed to many negative, bad, depressing thoughts.
In a day, we plant these seeds into our head.
As you reap, you sow.
Bad seeds become reality.

As such, you need to plant good seeds.
Seeds of love.
Seeds of joy.
Seeds of happiness.
Seeds of positivity.

As we reap these new seeds,
The old seeds,
That voice in the head,
Will be discouraging, will be loud,
because many bad seeds have grown over the years.

The new seeds of love, of joy, of happiness, of positivity
These seeds will have to fight
There will have to be a combat
To defeat the bad old grown seeds.

The fight between good and evil
The fight between brothers and uncles
Is never easy
But good must triumph over evil
And the fight is necessary.

We must move away from our comfort zones
We must be in combat mode
Only then will the few good seeds
Be able to win the battle
Over the many bad seeds
Planted over many years of past.

Let the past be.
Let the future come.
Be present now.
The good is from now.
The joy is from now.
The happiness is from now
and love is from now.

Take care and be well.

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