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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Being 55

A good friend of mine, Datuk YAB turned 55 yesterday.

Why is it significant year?

You see, in Malaysia, 55 is the retirement age.

So, my good friend is now officially retired from the same company I worked him.

I met Datuk in October 2007 when I first moved to Miri, he was on the cubicle over from me and we got to become quite good friends over the years.

He is looking forward to his retirement and his travels where he already has a few travel plans lined up.

I wish him a very Happy Birthday.

And a wonderful retirement.

I know that amongst many other people especially men who retire, they need to do something or else they will be bored to death ... literally.

But Datuk will not be amongst this people although I do think he needs to watch his health a little, more so lately than ever.

Take care Datuk, may we win the lottery soon, may we have a long friendship and may you have a great life ahead of you.

Take care and be well.

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